You can do it, though with your rushing from somewhere to nowhere it feels a good deal like you have forgotten how.



Once you stop, you will remember how wonderful it feels to have the fall breeze brush against your face. Once you stop, you will remember who you were rushing to be.



You are already where you need to be; you are already who you need to be. Stop this moment and breathe in the miracle of just being. Just be right here, right now.
This is what balance feels like.

Now that you remember what balance feels like, say “yes.” If we can trust enough to quit asking “how” and just say “yes” to life we will find that every moment is filled with the wonder of that acceptance. We will find that every moment is filled with absolute abundance. Every moment is filled with the “yes” we dare breathe into the wonder of our lives. Breathe “yes” into this now — this minute — for this is all there is. The past exists only within our memories, the future only in our imaginations, which leaves only now. Now is the only real moment of our lives and it has no room for regrets and no time for fear. It is far too full of the miracle of the life we have chosen to live.

Don’t waste your creative thoughts on “worst case scenarios.” Instead, set your intentions on having the best outcome possible, and you will be a good deal happier with that outcome. You will be a good deal more balanced.

Sometimes balance is about letting go of your fears that the world is not as it should be. Instead, choose to create YOUR world as it should be — for that is the only world that actually exists for you. Let the rest go. Let it balance itself. It will if you will.

Here. Now.

Breathe into the “yes” which is you. The more clear you become about who you are and what you want in your life, the more easily you can make choices that welcome balance into your life. Sometimes balance is about letting go of something or someone in your life so there can be space for whatever or whoever is waiting to enter. Sometimes balance is about making peace with whatever you have drawn into your life which you wish you had thought just one moment more before you did; and then making peace with that choice. Learn from that imbalanced moment that choosing thoughts and words of worry, anger or fear brings only worry, anger and fear. Learn that choosing thoughts and words of joy, peace and love can bring only joy, peace and love. This is the more balanced choice.

Yet how can we know what we want in our lives without saying “yes” to both fear and then love? How can we know that joy lives only within one and not the other if we do not experience both? We cannot experience balance without experiencing imbalance and then choosing to move out of that uncomfortable space we have created for ourselves. Not all of our choices bring us experiences centered in peace. Yet, it is often those regretted choices that bring us the most clarity. Only in experiencing the circumstances generated by choices not thoughtfully considered can we fully gain the ability to know what we want to experience. And then choose to balance our lives.

Through our experiences we can learn that life is all about choice, and the recognition of that truth clarifies our understanding that we have chosen our present in our past. And what is more true — and much more helpful — is to learn that we are choosing our future in the moments we live today. We cannot change the past, but our future is resting within the thoughts we think and the words we say today. What would you say if you could instantly see the future in your very words? What would you choose?

If we can feel our way to the truth in every experience, we will look back on unsure times and find what we really DO want in our lives. We can find that which brings us balance. Though resistance to our truth brings imbalance into our lives, authenticity restores that balance. Living according to someone else’s vision of what is right in our lives brings imbalance. Learning to smile into the mirror of our own life brings us back to balance.

Stop. Breathe. Choose Balance. Choose Peace.

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