Trust me; I’m a freshman

    By Haley Madison, Assistant Designer @haleyshantelle   The day after my high school graduation I jumped headfirst into the UVU life. Being the lone freshman on the Review staff was nothing short of terrifying. I’m surrounded by people who all seem to know what they’re doing. Some are married and have kids while I just […]

A Message From President Holland

  Dear Students,   Welcome to Utah Valley University.  I am so delighted you have chosen to pursue your educational goals at one the most dynamic, engaging, and innovative universities in the west. You will be surrounded by a caring faculty and staff who are dedicated to your success as a student.   Your decision […]

A Message From the Student Body President

  I’m Jono Andrews and the current Student Body President. I’ve been a wolverine since 2007! While playing lacrosse for UVU I realized how important it is to be involved with this school. Since being elected into this position my team and I have worked diligently to making sure the school year of 2013-2014 will […]

Trust me, I’m a senior

Trust me, I’m a senior

    By Alex Sousa, Managing Editor, @TwoFistedSousa   When I enrolled at UVU, it wasn’t UVU yet. The national debt was only $8.5 trillion, the iPhone didn’t exist, and “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp” had just won an Oscar.   I had a soul patch, I still remembered the name of my […]

How to enjoy the biggest shopping day of the year

Have you ever wondered why places such as Target, ShopKo and Wal-Mart have immensely huge parking lots that are never completely filled? Or why there are so many cashier lanes that go unused? Well, there is one time in the year where every single one of those parking spots are filled and every cashier lane […]

Exiled to the indoors: a survivor’s guide

Note to layout: The writer intends that the word "write," which is in all caps, be italicized, along with the other names in caps. As winter approaches, there is a four-letter word that comes to the mind of many. Cold. During the wintry weather season, a lot of time will be spent indoors. These are […]

Any shoppers guide to holiday gift giving

The tradition of gift giving around the holiday season is usually associated with a jolly, generous figure historically celebrated across the world for delivering gifts to poor children. In a consumerist society like ours, any excuse is a valid cause to delve into debt and shower not-so-poor children with less-than-essential items. During this season of […]

Gift ideas for the hard-to-buy-for

Some people suck when it comes to buying gifts for them. There are those who have everything and those who don’t want anything. Sure, gift cards and cash work, but such lazy, easy-way-out options are for those who are devoid of creativity and aren’t worried about exhibiting the null set in the thoughtfulness department. Take […]