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What we know so far: UVU’s toughest opponents in 2017-18

Illustration by Tyler Carpenter Through the scheduling of the past couple of years, UVU is becoming no stranger to big-name competition. The wrestling team has joined the Big 12, the men’s soccer and volleyball teams are making a habit of meeting up with top-25 teams and the men’s basketball team has played Louisville and Gonzaga in the past two seasons. With that in mind, here is a run through the 2017-18 schedules that have been released so far with an eye to the toughest must-see matchups on the Wolverines’ slate. Men’s soccer: UVU vs Akron, Aug. 25 at 7...

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The case for ending the one-and-done era of NCAA basketball

The end of the one-and-done era of college basketball might be on the horizon, albeit the relatively distant horizon. The current NBA age limit rule, adopted in 2005, requires that a player be at least 19 years old and one year removed from high school prior to participation in the league. Although this rule doesn’t stipulate that players must spend that year in college, it is the preferred option for virtually all high schoolers with NBA aspirations. Upon conclusion of their first season at the college level, players are free to leave amateurism behind and enter the NBA draft....

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