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Disadvantages of online classes

By Sarah Phelan Illustration by Tyler Carpenter In the midst of the technological revolution, online learning has begun to dominate universities across the globe. In spite of the many apparent advantages of online classes, this platform comes with a plethora of issues. One of these is the overall quality of learning. Online classes often consist of hundreds of students and instructors can find themselves buried in grading tasks, unable to provide effective and timely feedback or one-on-one discussions with students. Class discussions are often less involved and constructive than those in face-to-face classrooms. Furthermore, a simple copy and paste...

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Class group work disadvantages higher achieving students

By Sarah Phelan Whenever a group project is announced in class, most people roll their eyes, dreading having to orchestrate schedules and divide up the workload. It’s a pain to deal with the freeloaders and poor communicators, but what many people don’t consider is that some students have to compromise something very important in group projects: their grade. It is not uncommon for higher achieving students to have to lower their standards to collaborate with others. Their ideas may go over the head of their peers, or their writing and presentation style can clash disastrously. Of course, they are...

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