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Initiative to update general education curriculum is promising but raises concerns

In December, members of the President’s Council announced a comprehensive review of general education curriculum that will occur in 2018, but some members of the UVU community, specifically some faculty members, are concerned about how the review and possible changes are being pursued. President Matthew Holland, Craig Thulin, the faculty senate president, and Rob Smith, the student body president, all signed the letter that announced the plan involving a 40-person committee and potentially significant adjustments to general education curriculum. Rick McDonald, an English professor and secretary of the UVU chapter of American Association of University Professors, sent a letter...

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2018 Utah Valley Person of the Year awarded to President Holland

President Holland was named Utah Valley magazine’s Person of the Year for 2018 on Jan. 8. Holland’s work as the president of Utah Valley University was illustrated in the award article. From fundraising over 100 million dollars for the university to valuing inclusivity, his influence on the university was highlighted. “Even though Matt has loved the UVU post and the post has loved him, college presidents don’t generally stay in office for more than a decade,” according to Jeanette Bennett, writer of the Person of the Year article. “Holland is very personable and welcoming to all he meets,” said...

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