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Gun control discussed by local gun owner, Democratic Party vice chairman, students

Illustration by Tyler Carpenter  It’s rare for gun owners and democratic leadership to come to a mutual understanding on gun control measures, as shown during the Pizza and Politics event Nov. 14 in the Ragan Theater. The best way to make a difference is to get involved locally, according to the pane that included Stuart Wallam, owner of local gun store Get Some Guns and Ammo, Justin Anderson, vice chairman of the Utah County Democratic Party and Jaxon Olsen, chief justice of UVUSA and organizer of the Pizza and Politics event. “We all want to get rid of violence...

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Conforming to social norms contribute to the bystander effect

Resisting norms will likely prevent dangerous situations Illustration by Tyler Carpenter   Conformity, ambiguity and social and cultural norms are reasons people do not intervene, according to Ashley Larsen, the associate dean of students during the It’s On Us event Oct. 31 in the Student Life and Wellness building. The bystander effect is a social phenomena that results in individuals being less likely to offer help to a victim when other people are present. “If you see other people not doing anything you are more likely not to do anything,” said Larsen. “Literally the more people that are around the less...

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