Category: The Thin Blue Line

Police blotter

Polite Protesters June 26 — An officer was requested to be present during a circus held at the UCCU Center. Outside the event were two protesters who were not disruptive and followed rules without question. Leafy Substance June 26 — A vehicle traveling with a broken headlight was stopped by an officer. The officer recognized an odor of marijuana present in the car and searched the area. Three large bags of a green-leafy substance, which appeared to be marijuana, were found. The driver was released with a citation. Nap Time June 26 — Officers responded to a report of...

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The thin blue line

Lost Property Feb 16 – Police met with a student at the police department regarding lost property. The student had misplaced their UVU student ID bus pass. Information was obtained and a lost property report was filed. Jamba Juice Heist Feb 16 –The case was closed against two male students who stole items from Jamba Juice after the students paid restitution.  The students were banned from UVU. Cramping Up Feb 17 – Police received a call that a female was reported lying on the floor of a restroom. Police arrived and were informed that she was suffering from menstrual...

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