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Performance at UVU depicts war through dance

UVU’s Contemporary Dance Ensemble transported their audience through a multitude of settings and emotions in their performance of Hear us Roar at the Ragan Theater March 9. In five numbers, the dance ensemble showcased choreography from company director Monica Campbell and Oni Dance Company’s choreographers Maria Gillespie, Heather Grey and Natosha Washington. The third piece, “Tarot,” began with thunder, and then carried the audience through various settings and feelings with the creative use of props and lighting. The number began with slow operatic music that later transitioned to electronic music. A chilly atmosphere filled the stage as dancers pounded and...

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Fight the New Drug founder shares a need to educate about pornography

Fight the New Drug is a nonprofit organization centered in Utah that has one goal: to fight the effects of pornography. The organization’s founder, Clay Olsen, visited UVU March 8 to speak about what the organization means when they say they are fighting the effects of pornography. Although many would characterize Olsen as an entrepreneur, he would characterize himself as a fighter. “I never planned on doing this when I was young. This wasn’t on the list of career options growing up,” Olsen said in front of a student-body audience in the Grande Ballroom. Olsen said that the reason...

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