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Nightmare on 13th will leave you screaming for more

When it comes to Halloween activities, haunted houses are one of the first things that come to mind because of the horror they bring to any thrill seeker’s life. “Places like that definitely give you an adrenaline rush,” UVU family behavioral science freshmen Madison Heiner said. Even though haunted houses are fun, going to the same haunted house every year can get a little boring. That’s why Salt Lake’s Nightmare on 13th is the perfect place to go for a new scare. Even though it has been scaring people for 28 years, the venue continues to come up with...

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Germerican everyday life

“How many of you are married?” This was the first question our professor asked on our first day of class. About 50 percent of the students raised their hand. All of them were Mormon. Before we came, we knew that Utah is the “LDS hotspot”, but it was still unfamiliar to see so many people our age who are married. We are two exchange students from Germany and we noticed some differences between our daily routines and the routines of our classmates from Utah. It starts in the morning when we decide on what to wear. When it’s 95 degrees Fahrenheit outside, we still feel the need to take a sweater with us because of the air conditioning. A friend warned us that it will be the exact opposite in the winter and Americans turn up the heat really high. It seems like Americans only know two extremes and no in between like in Germany. By the way, the stereotype about Germans wearing socks in sandals is something Americans live by. Not many people in Germany wear socks in their sandals. We also never see people in pajamas in our German school “Westfälische Hochschule”. Many people ask us about the differences of German and American food. On our first day at UVU, we were astonished by the different restaurants in the school cafeteria, like Taco Bell. It reminded us...

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