Reba gets Fancy at Country Explosion
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It all started with the hot smell of asphalt and beer. The second annual Country Explosion 4-day music festival was held at the Deseret Peak Complex in Tooele July 17-20. As we drove in to the Complex on Friday the 18th there were areas for RVs or tents for those who wanted to experience the country... Read more...

Retro-groove at Red Butte Garden
Summer Playlist

Summer Playlist

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180 Tacos
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I have to be honest. This is not my first visit to 180 Tacos. So, while this isn’t a first impression, the fact that I’ve revisited 180 is a pretty big deal. 180 Tacos specializes in classic street tacos for 2 dollars a piece, adding 50 cents for steak or seafood. The menu is divided into four ... Read more...

Sweeto Burrito
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The Sweeto Burrito truck has followed me around for months. I’ve seen it so many times that I stopped noticing it until I was driving down State Street with my windows down and the sweet sound of rock and roll filled my car. I looked for the source and I knew that I had found my dinner. Some great... Read more...