What white kids disrespect for bell hooks revealed

When I saw bell hooks a few weeks ago, I was disappointed in a few of my peers who, for some reason, couldn’t keep quiet during her lecture. A few young men in the audience — not to mention white young men — spoke loudly to one another right over the top of her words for almost the […]

Lifestyles of the Kitsch and Brainless

So I’m in Salt Lake at a coffee shop last week. Big mistake, of course. Coffee shops are the worst. If you don’t think so, you’re still just as pretentious as any of us.  And I’m not saying I’m not pretentious because look, like I said, I was just in a coffee shop myself, walking […]

“Yeah. LoL!!! Reading is like, pretty boring. Wanna go to Nordstrom?”

Today I stood in line at One-Stop and heard someone actually say, acronym pronounced, “OMG, school is like, so lame. My Ethics and Values class is going to be so much busywork.” O audacious, self-entitled American youth. Youth of Tastes, youth of Tech, youth of Ebay, Mac, Vanity, Obesity. It’s 2010, and let’s face it, […]