Local Limelight: Les Sages

For local band Les Sages (pronounced lay-SAWJ, as in Taj Mahal), “Free Music at a Fraction of the Cost!” is more than just a clever album title; it’s a way of life. “Free Music at a Fraction of the Cost!” released Aug. 21, marked a pivotal point in the band’s musical career as their first full-length album.

National News Briefs 10-8-08

California gay marriages surpass Massachusetts – During the first three months since legalization of gay marriages in California, a study found that nearly 11,000 couples have wed, compared to 10,385 in Massachusetts. The research was released Oct. 6 by the Williams Institute at UCLA.

Staff infection

What is your favorite thing to not commit to? I would like to quote Mark Twain, “I don’t like to commit myself about heaven and hell — you see, I have friends in both places.” -Jack Waters, Editor-in-chief I like to commit to not answering these kinds of questions -LaVerl Christianson, Opinions writer I don’t like to commit to two-year gym contracts.

Intramurals: the antidote to boredom

Being a university student is an opportunity and challenge. It entails more than achieving your credit hours; it’s a prerequisite to engage in activities outside of the class to complete the university experience. UVU Intramurals provides students with a way to get involved with activities outside the classroom.

World news briefs

Ancient cultural artifacts in surrounding areas of the Angkor Wat temple site in north central Cambodia are being stolen. The demand for artifacts has risen dramatically over the last few years as technological advances in the study of ancient civilizations have grown. Cambodia’s culture and fine arts ministry has made the protection of the Angkor Wat artifacts a major priority. Digging has been a main source of finding valuable artifacts while less valuable, monetarily speaking, bowls and vases are being tossed aside as looters find expensive things to take away. In villages approximately 40 miles away from the temple, desolation of protectors has left the area a prime digging spot for thieves.

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