Let’s talk about it: Desert Noises

Let’s talk about it: Desert Noises

Desert Noises have been a local favorite for a few years now.   With the help of local artist Joshua James and Slowtrain records, the band is releasing their first full-length album, Mountain Sea as an LP record. The band will celebrate the release of their record with a show on Monday September 26 at […]

Journalism’s past and future

Ross Douthat, columnist for The New York Times, will be speaking on campus Tuesday, April 12, in the Sorensen Student Center. Douthat’s lecture, “From the Yellow Press to the Fourth Estate and Back: How Journalism’s Past Became Journalism’s Future,” is being sponsored by the Utah Democracy Project and The New York Times Readership Program. According […]

Clubbing through college

According to the official clubs website, there are 166 clubs on campus. Sarah Roseborough may want to add to that number; at the very least, she wants to help each of those clubs kick it up a notch. Roseborough was recently voted the new vice president of clubs and is very eager to build the […]

Invisible Children show students how to make a difference

Over 100 students sat in the library auditorium as they watched the new movie by Invisible Children. Invisible Children, a nonprofit organization that helps children in central Africa, was on campus on March 1. “The Congo Tour” event screened Tony, a film that tells the story of boy who grew up in the war-torn country […]

How to be you(tiful)

Look through a magazine. Turn on a television show or movie. They are visible all over the place: unrealistic representations of both men and women. People are bombarded with images of thin women with the perfect body and men with rock-hard abs and broad shoulders. The misconceptions about the “perfect” body are what Dr. Nicole […]

Excuse me can you take me home? I think I left my house on fire.

You are sitting across the table from your date thinking, “What am I doing here?’ or “How am I going to get out of this one?” You could tell the date, “Uh, sorry, I think I just left my house on fire,” but that’s probably not going to go over so well. The fact of […]

Need school money?

The early bird gets the worm. That is, if the bird is a student and the worm is financial aid. Financial aid is a resource that is available to all students and can be of great value in helping ones education. It is not always the easiest thing to figure out, but with the help […]

High time for debate

Legalization of marijuana debate to be held on campus Heads vs. Feds, a popular debate event about the legalization of marijuana, is blazing through college campuses across the country and will soon be coming to UVU. The debate will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 1, from noon to 1:30 p.m. in the Ragan Theater and […]