My ringtone, myself

With a sudden buzz and a song of recognition, ringtones seem to be a way that students choose to reflect their individual personalities. In classrooms, it is common to hear a familiar interruption generated by cell phones. Custom ringtones or text notifications are ways that people can recognize each caller by either a personalized song […]

Building homes and lives

Non-profit organizations like Habitat for Humanity give less-fortunate families the opportunity to improve their living conditions. The success of the program depends on volunteers, and the university’s Volunteer Services is willing to do what it takes to make the dream of owning a simple home possible for these families. Habitat for Humanity is a volunteer […]

Oh, the places you’ll hang out

On this campus, there doesn’t seem to be a designated spot for students to hang out. This holds true for nearly all types of students. Jace Patrick, a Public Relations major, expressed that BYU has more of a defined set of hangout spots due to their strong Latter-Day Saint culture and University of Utah students […]

Becoming a True Wolverine

Locking lips for school spirit. True Wolverine was filled with kisses and wandering hopefuls, along with some who were confused about what the event truly was. The event, which took place on Jan. 27, was headlined with Davie Millet and Katie Sawatzki, a couple who got engaged at the homecoming basketball game earlier that evening. […]