Evolution of dating

August 27, 2012   The other day, I was sitting on a train and noticed something strange about a couple sitting near me. I was disgusted and amazed to see the woman casually stick her finger in his ear and then wipe her findings on her pants. I don’t think this strange social grooming is […]

A first Halloween

Nov. 4, 2012    When people come from other countries, Halloween is one of the things they may be excited to see since it is an American holiday. Naturally, Halloween becomes a part of their experiences as international students. Christine Chipala is a UVU student from Malawi, Africa, enjoys Halloween, but doesn’t understand it. “Halloween […]

Dating Column: The Fall

Falling is submitting to gravity. Falling in love is submitting to that other pulling force. With gravity, it is easy to know what you are falling to, because you just look down, but in the case of love, you can’t see the future. Yet, people fall in love and get married every day. For my […]

Sober Campus

Last week I went to a newspaper conference with the UVU Review and like previous conferences, it became very clear that our paper is not like most. Most college newspapers have a reoccurring topic that the Review hardly touches on. This topic is anything regarding alcohol. Headlines like party crashing, DU-Why and best beer for […]

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