Turning Points in History

Martin Luther King Jr. expert talks about the history of civil rights Students had the opportunity to hear from renowned author Taylor Branch at the Turning Points in History Lecture on Feb. 28. Branch spoke on the topic  “40 Years After Martin Luther King: Looking Ahead with Obama.” This lecture gave students the opportunity to […]

Ambassador Young Speaks at UVU

At the 17th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration, students had the opportunity to hear from the expertise of Ambassador Andrew Young on the subject of “The Journey Forward.” Young talked about the journey that he took in the past with Dr. King. He spoke of the wars that the U.S. has been involved in. […]

Ambassador Andrew Young visits

As part of the 17th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration Utah Valley University will be able to hear from someone that knew and worked directly with Dr. King. The school is welcoming Ambassador Andrew Young, former US ambassador to the United Nations, Congressman, Mayor of Atlanta and assistant to Dr. King, to give a […]

MLK Commemoration Schedule of Events

The MLK commemoration will begin on Jan. 11 and close on Jan. 18. Along with Andrew Young, who has personally worked with King himself, there will be several other guest speakers that will speak about the civil rights movement. Lee Mun Wah, an internationally renowned filmmaker, will conduct a diversity training. Students and faculty will […]

Activists on campus re-imagine King’s dream

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of equality fueled by non-violent, social and political change has inspired students on campus to work for their beliefs through the same means. Student organizations such as the Revolutionary Student’s Union (RSU), the Peace and Justice Studies Club and the UVU Latin American Club, allow students to be actively […]

Attorneys with a common goal

In an economy as unstable as ours, seeking professional legal advice may end up being too much of a luxury to pursue. Legal problems, however, seem to simply show up at the most inopportune moments. Under the direction of Jill Jasperson, associate professor of Legal Studies, attorneys from the community gathered to advise people on […]

Student cashes in with MLK essay

A cash prize is appealing to anyone and most of the time it is a sufficient motivator for people looking to benefit from their work. This is, however, not the only reward from participating in programs like the Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration Proposal contest. “The money was nice, but the recognition from my peers […]

Call for proposals

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once spoke of a dream, and the Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration Advisory Board is now providing the opportunity to allow the dreams of those at this university to be heard. Along with the annual commemoration coming this January comes the call for proposals. The theme for 2011 will be […]