Author: Steven Miller

Mid-term grading – pain or gain?

A newly created initiative for fall semester, requesting that each instructor post mid-term grades to Banner, aims to give students an opportunity to access their progress and make corrective action if necessary. The Office of Student Success and Retention, along with university administration, encouraged faculty for the first time to post mid-term grades for students this semester as part of the office’s Best Practices directives to faculty members. Research was conducted at other colleges and universities locally and around the country to determine the effectiveness of posting mid-term grades. Other universities were found to regularly post the grades already, according to Martha Wilson, program coordinator for Student Success and Retention. “We have found that this helps students by providing a checkpoint.” “We have found that this helps students by providing a checkpoint,” Wilson said. “It gives students a benchmark.” Final grades for the semester have always been located in Banner and students access them frequently; however, students may or may not be aware of the new mid-term grade initiative since it was recently implemented.     Some students have expressed interest in having mid-terms posted each semester. “I think it would help me because the grades posted on UVLink [Banner] are accustomed as being pretty serious,” said sophomore Michael Bradford. “Mostly when you’re on there you are looking at transcripts and final grades, so to see it on there more...

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Etiquette crucial for confidence

Attending a business luncheon or formal dinner party can be a crucial opportunity to get to know associates and make important contacts; however, when a shrimp cocktail slips from your hand and slides down the front of your clean white shirt, how should you handle that unfortunate event? On Dec. 1, the PRSSA chapter will be sponsoring the first annual etiquette dinner, preparing students for the real world of business luncheons, formal dinners and meals with potential employers. Some questions to be answered at the dinner include what you should do if you spill food on yourself, what direction food should be passed at the table, and which drinks and salad, bread and butter plates belong to whom. “Students will need to make a good first impression,” said Angela Pickering, PRSSA president. “When displaying proper etiquette, it will give [students] extra confidence.” There are many unspoken rules of proper etiquette that, when followed, can really open some positive doors, allowing great opportunities to happen. “Employers are looking for college graduates who are polished and professional, ready to hit the job running,” says Stephen Whyte, assistant professor of communication and PRSSA faculty advisor. “PRSSA’s etiquette dinner will help UVU students learn the ins and outs of what to do and not to do so they can be successful regardless of their career path.” Speaking at the dinner will be training...

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Wilson takes the reins

The Business Administration building contains a second-floor office with a commanding view of this transforming campus. A UVU veteran, with 22-years experience as administrator and instructor, now occupies this office as the new VP of Academic Affairs. Ian Wilson, who takes over the position from former VP Liz Hitch, now with the Utah System of Higher Education, brings with him a wealth of experience to the position. He has worked in human resource management, education administration and even as a secret messenger for the Canadian Department of the Treasury. “I didn’t have [messages] handcuffed to my wrist or anything, but nobody could open it up but a member of the Canadian Royal Mounted Police,” Wilson said proudly, describing his messanger duties as a young man living in the city of Ottawa, Ont. Wilson soon went on to attend BYU, receiving a bachelor’s in Sociology as well as a master’s in Organizational Behavior. While completing an internship as part of his master’s program at chemical giant C-I-L in their training and developments, Wilson gained valuable experience that led to a permanent position in their human resource department after graduation. A few years later, while searching the classifieds for want ads, Wilson stumbled upon a business management department chair position being offered at Mount Royal College in Calgary, so he applied. “I hadn’t had any teaching experience at the college level...

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Wasatch campus making strides

The future looks bright for the Wasatch campus as student enrollment continues to increase and positive relations between staff and faculty flourish. UVU Review reported in February 2009 that six of the 11 members of the support staff would be losing their jobs due to state budget cuts being made in May of 2009. At that time, university spokesperson Bradley Plothow said the campus would not shut down and that the restructuring would only affect the student service functions on campus. “People thought [enrollment] would decline,” said Tom Melville, campus administrator and academic counselor. “We’ve had a 24 percent increase in one-year enrollment.” Much of the current enrollment growth has come from the Park City area. Following a U of U extension campus closing in 2008, Wasatch campus has advertised class availability on Park City TV, as well as in local news publications, which have boosted enrollment. A positive result from this is that campus life has improved with more activities and student involvement as well. Hillary Dalsing, a campus ambassador and library student employee, said that everyone is more social now. “They want to come to make friends,” Dalsing said. Also, a new restaurant, Café Americano, was added in the fall of 2009, which has had an effect on students and faculty alike. The restaurant has improved student activity on campus and, most importantly, student-teacher interaction, according to...

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5K benefits students before and after event

The rolling hills and towering mountains surrounding UVU’s Wasatch campus, with fall hues of orange and red ablaze, beckon students, local residents and their families to experience the fall season in Heber City. Wasatch students and faculty have co-organized the UVU Wasatch Campus 5K Classic Run/Walk and Free Kids Race being held at Wasatch campus starting at 9 a.m. on Oct. 9. The 5K course is located in the colorful foothills behind campus and was tested first-hand by Fitness for Life students as part of their course this semester. Letters were written to local companies by business communication students asking for donated prizes to be given to age-category winners, as well as prizes for a raffle to be held. This was a fantastic opportunity to improve writing and communication skills for the students, according to faculty member Mike Walker. “This is engaged learning at its best,” he added in a press release. Graphic arts student Andrew Gardner was selected as the 5K T-shirt design winner from numerous student art submissions. Gardner’s creative graphic will be seen on shirts to be given to each registered participant at the race. To register, students can sign up at Campus Connection in the student center, visit the Wasatch campus or visit and search “Wasatch.” The race/walk is $12 ahead of time or $15 the day of the race. The kids’ run starts...

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