Guy Fawkes

Guy Fawkes’ has claimed international fame as a symbol of anarchy. The renowned “Anony- mous,” a powerful group of internet hackers, post their videos wearing the famous Guy Fawkes’ mask, popularized by the dystopian film, “V for Vendetta.” Most recently and disturbingly, a series of attacks throughout the Middle East, spe- cifically anti-American in nature, […]

Pioneer daze

Unilike the rest of the states in the union, Utahns have two excuses every July to makes things explode. There’s Independence Day, and twenty days later, on July 24 for Pioneer Day. While national pride is prevalent around here, the sense of state pride is a strong rivals. Annual parades, rodeos, fairs and the like […]

Genealogy does more than find one’s past

With a name shrouded in history like “Anastasia”, it seems natural that you’d be interested in genealogy. Anastasia Harman, the lead family historian for, has made a living out of it. She’s uncovered such high-profile connections as the familial link between Jane Austen and the newly-wed Princess Catherine Middleton and however distantly, Edward-the-heartthrob from […]