Author: Scott Skippy Jessop

The Prelaw club at has a new name and a bright future

Feb. 25, the previously UVU Prelaw club changed its name to the Christine M. Durham Prelaw Club in honor of Utah Supreme Court Chief Justice Christine Durham. Durham was the first female chief justice to swear into office a female governor, Olene Walker, in 2003. Durham, who has been on the Utah Supreme Court since 1982, has taught law classes at the University of Utah, Duke University and Brigham young University. Durham came to UVU to accept the honor and to speak on what students could expect and how to conduct themselves as potential future lawyers. “Your obligation as undergraduates is to immerse yourselves in academic work and to pay attention to the kind of personal values you’re developing and living in your lives, because that’s the best preparation for law school,” said Durham. Learning how to think, analyze and learning how to be self-reflective are also skills she said students need to develop if they hope to succeed in life, as well as law school. “Given that most of what people know about law they get from watching TV, it’s important to have someone as a role model for students whose life is spent immersed in real law and a person who goes around the country teaching lawyers and judges while setting the standard high” said club advisor Eileen Doyle Crane. “It’s huge to be able to get...

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Sweets selling sweets

The Kappa Sisters Sorority held a Top Pastry Chef competition at Centre Stage on Feb. 24 with proceeds being donated to The Christmas Box House. This was not your average school bake sale. The contest was open to any student wishing to enter, with prizes going to the three best desserts. When the students from the culinary arts program showed up dressed in aprons and official chef attire, looking like they had just stepped out of a gourmet kitchen, you knew it was no ordinary competition. Over half of the people who entered were students from the culinary arts program. Some of their desserts were so elaborate, you wouldn’t even know how to spell their name. The winning dessert was a chocolate sour cream soufflé cake, with peanut butter cream cheese frosting, a chocolate frangelico ganache and caramel pretzel crisp on the side for presentation (but it was tasty too). The deserts were judged on appearance, taste, presentation and originality. “There were some desserts I wasn’t really impressed with but the majority of them were awesome,” said Gary Rasmussen, one of the judges and owner of The Cocoa Bean Cupcake Cafe in Provo. Kyle Maag, a contestant who didn’t win but did contribute an amazing popcorn panna cotta with caramel sauce, found that the experience was reward enough for him. “I just did this for the experience. It doesn’t...

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Steer clear of the cafeteria and experience find dining

It’s not exactly “Hells Kitchen” here, but it has all of the excitement of the TV show minus the swearing British guy. “Full house guys, let’s rock and roll,” shouted Chef Todd Leonard to kick off the “Lunch at Greg’s” event, which is put on by the UVU Culinary Arts program on Feb. 17. The Culinary Arts students feverishly prepare the seven course meal for the packed room of eager guests. The guests ranged from students to professors and local business professionals, all there to have a good meal and an unique experience. “We’re not open to make money. This is meant to be a good experience for the students and for the community. After all, we are teaching a real class,” Leonard said. Leonard took over as chef instructor for Greg Forte who retired after 20 years of teaching and cooking on campus. “My sister is one of the students here,” said Allyson Barry, there on lunch break from the Provo School district. Barry and her friend Jasmine Tanner, a radiology major here at UVU, have been twice before. “This would be a great place to take a date for lunch, ” Tanner said. As the final course was served, people could be overheard saying, “Let’s give them a hand.” Applause and a grade are all that the students receive today, but many of the students go on...

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10 Worst Christmas Songs

I wish I could feel sentimental when I hear Christmas music like everyone else seems to, but all I can seem to feel is nausea. Let me explain by taking you back to 1992, when for Christmas my brother and I received a CD player and our very own CDs. My brother, a hard rock fan (which didn’t set well in my conservative family) was given the new Billy Ray Cyrus (Miley’s dad) album featuring his hit “Achy Breaky Heart” and I was given the Home Alone 2 soundtrack. Sweet! Just what I always wanted … or something. The soundtrack is full of awesome songs like “Holly Jolly Christmas” by Alan Jackson, “Cool Jerk” by The Capitols and my personal least-favorite, “Sleigh Ride” by rap trio TLC. In the spirit of my parents’ promulgation of bad holiday music, here’s my list of the worst of the rest of AWFUL Christmas songs: 10. Rosie O’Donnell put out not one but TWO Christmas CDs. Picking a least favorite song of these is like picking a least favorite Jonas Brother … I hate them all so much. It’s impossible to decide. 9. “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth” by Alvin and the Chipmunks is what Satan has playing in his lobby in Hell during the holidays. 8. “Please Daddy (Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas)” by John Denver has...

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Author encourages students to be ahead of trends in media

On Nov. 17 the Public Relations Club hosted a speech by online marketing expert and author Janet Meiners Thaeler. Thaeler discussed with students key points from her new book “I NEED A KILLER PRESS RELEASE-NOW WHAT???: A GUIDE TO ONLINE PR. Thaeler’s book comes out at a time when many text books are scrambling to explain new technology. During her speech, Thaeler, who goes by @newspapergrl on Twitter and refers to herself as “The Lois Lane of the world wide web,” encouraged students to add her as a friend and to use it to make as many connections as...

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