Author: Sarah Tatyana Fitzgerald

Cross-country dominates onference championships

On Saturday, Oct. 31, the UVU men and women’s cross-country teams traveled to The Bronx, New York, for a competition near Manhattan College. The performance of both teams proved victorious, as they swept the competition; both taking first place in their respective categories. Jake Buhler, a senior, from Military, North Dakota, was one of the participants in the competition. Not only did he participate, but finished as the runner-up overall. When asked if he felt good about his performance, Jake said, “Yeah… I felt good about it being all right. Physically I felt pretty strong through the hills, and my finish was good. We got out well as a team, so that helped me a lot. I started preparing mentally for the race about a week beforehand, since racing largely requires good mental preparation.” The weather conditions during the race were humid, rainy and 55 degrees, but nothing stopped the Wolverines from dominating the competition. The men scored 25, while the next team to finish scored 91, making the margin of victory fairly large. Our women’s team scored 21. When asked his greatest challenge, Jake jokingly answered, “It was Halloween, and I wanted to eat some candy, but I knew I couldn’t until after the race!” He then replied, “My greatest challenge was running downhill. It was rough on my legs, and my turnover wasn’t as good as it...

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“Chick flick” is Latin for unrealistic expectations

Let’s face it, any woman with an ounce of estrogen yearns for the attention and royal treatment like that of the ever-so-suave Leopold, from “Kate and Leopold,”  appropriately played by the sexiest Wolverine alive: Hugh Jackman. But how realistic is such yearning? Frankly (and quite unfortunately), we live in a world outside of the silver screen, where a man’s perfect date would be beer, ball scratching, x-box and Monday Night Football. In a world where many men fear the M word just as much as the bubonic plague, they would be just as content marrying the mirror and being the proud parent of 2 children: biceps and triceps. Is the classic meathead capable of achieving such romantic refinement, or is the whole idea simply unrealistic and asinine? Has Hollywood set the bar of romance so high that not even the buffest real-life male can do a pull up over it, resulting in crushed hopes and burst bubbles for all those ladies who are suckers for such chick flicks? Sadly, not every man will lay their jacket on the ground so your feet won’t get wet. Not every man will step in to do the dishes and smile about it. Not every man will hold your hand in public and introduce you to his buddies as “the most amazing girl he has ever met.” Not every man will have roses...

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Cross-country team performs well at Roy Griak Invitational

On Sept. 26, the UVU Cross Country team found themselves in Minneapolis, Minnesota to compete in the twenty fourth annual Roy Griak Invitational. Coach, Scott Houle (currently in his sixth season of coaching at UVU,) expressed satisfaction with how the team did. “Both the men and women performed better than they ever have at Roy Griak,” he said. “Mary Nothom placed sixth and the girls finished fourth overall, which was a great surprise.” When asked what he believes the teams greatest strength is, he replied, “When they run, they run together. They pack very well, which helps to lower the point score.” In response to being asked about any difficulties the team faced in Minnesota, he said, “There were many big name schools, which was challenging, but we ended up beating many of them!” Sophomore Angie Baker, from Liberty, Utah, said in reaction to her performance, “I felt pretty good. I didn’t feel content though, because I know I can do better. I’m really happy with the team’s success though, that was amazing.” When asked what personal goals she has set for herself for the rest of the season, she said, “I want…No, I’m GOING to go to regional’s. I also want to better my time on each course from last year and get past mental blocks in the middle of races.” Coach Houle’s goals for the rest of...

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