Daylong celebration for UVU

Big things have happened since the announcement of UVSC becoming a university. With the addition of master’s programs, the new library, and the ever-rising count of bachelor’s degrees, the transition to university status couldn’t be more exciting.

Empowering your tomorrow

The Equity Education Center at UVSC hosted “Empowering Your Tomorrow,” intended to raise awareness on career opportunities for 6th to 12th grade boys and their parents.

Third annual Global Engagement Week

Monday, Nov. 12 marks the beginning of UVSC’s third annual Global Engagement Week. Various activities, shows and lectures sponsored by a number of organizations within the school will be held each day in an effort to raise cultural understanding.This event is a part of the International Education Week (IEW), a joint initiative of the US Department of State and the US Department of Education to celebrate international education and the exchange of students worldwide.

Mental health expert sheds “light” on trauma victims

Students of mental health as well as professionals in the field heard from a well-known specialist in the treatment of psychological abuse and trauma, in a seminar sponsored by UVSC conferences and workshops. On Oct. 18, Dr. Bill Tollefson, Ph.D., came to UVSC to present "Lessons In Light," a seminar focused on the path a […]