The least marketable jobs of 2009, and how students are being affected

Good luck and good riddance to the college graduates of 2009. They are going to need it with an unstable economy and unemployment rates higher than they have been in 26 years. Even highly marketable graduates are struggling to find job placement. Ironically enough, the silver lining for those of us still taking classes is […]

Internship changes in today’s economy

In a drastically changing world and economy, college students are feeling like their future is just as unsure. Many college students are struggling to find internships or are questioning the importance of and their dedication to do unpaid work. An increase in job layoffs, however, has also meant an increase in internship opportunities — that is, if students are willing to work hard for free.

Young Americans rocked the vote

The youth did it. The sour economy coupled with the fact that this was the first presidential race with a black nominee leading a major-party ticket make it appropriate that this historic race produced seismic increases in the young voter registration and turnout in America.

High numbers of college voters expected this year

As the most expensive presidential election in history winds down, it has left both liberal and conservative voters, and everyone in between, waiting to see what might come next. As the last week comes to an end, Senator Barack Obama sustains a 49% to 46% lead over Senator John McCain, according to Gallup polls.