Author: Robert Jones

18th Annual Scarecrow Festival to be held during UEA

Students will now have yet another opportunity to serve for a great cause during Fall Break as West Ridge Academy (WRA), a state-of-the-art residential treatment program, will be holding an Annual Scarecrow Festival at Thanksgiving Point’s Electric Park. WRA is looking for over 2,000 volunteers to help run the event and make it a success. WRA is a program dedicated to improving the lives of teens who struggle with various problems that would inhibit progression in a regular school setting. The program allows them to have special academic criteria to assist in becoming their best and moving on to...

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Rallying for access to public lands

Utah residents and public officials, joined by members of the Utah State Legislature held one of Utah’s largest political rallies on Capital Hill on Aug. 8 in an effort to reclaim public lands that have been unlawfully seized by the Federal Government.

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Building the largest geometric structure

Several students gathered in the Sorenson Student Center last week as faculty members from the math department assisted students in building the Zome. The Zome, a multicolored structure consisting of interlocking sticks, and which in its finished state is a four-dimensional sphere, requires its builders to think strategically and in a pattern.

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Institute’s Friday’s devotionals open to all

The LDS Orem Institute of Religion adjacent to the UVU Campus holds weekly Friday devotionals at noon where students gather in the North Chapel to hear messages of inspiration. Every Friday devotional is open to all UVU students, faculty, and staff, as well as anyone else who would like to attend.

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Animal Allies Club

In a recent meeting held by UVU’s Animal Allies Club, members discussed plans to create a movement to inhibit the use of a gas chamber as an alternative to euthanasia for unwanted or sick animals. Such a method of disposal was abhorrent in the eyes of members as those who are animal lovers.

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