Mascot Origins: Wolverine

It wouldn’t be difficult to guess why the University of Utah adopted the Ute as its mascot or why Brigham Young University came to have the cougar as theirs; however, the odds go down considerably when guessing why this university’s mascot is the wolverine. The school seems to have no geographical or cultural connection to […]

Drawing connections between Mormonism and Islam

  Before discounting the thought of any parallels existing between Mormonism and Islam, students and faculty have the opportunity to attend the 11th annual Mormon Studies Conference March 10 -11 at Centre Stage where the theme will be “Mormonism and Islam: Commonality and Cooperation Between Abrahamic Faiths.” In the 1830’s, the Mormon prophet Josheph Smith […]

Campus-based complaint resolving

The Ombudsman will listen to your problems as a neutral party Nestled quietly beneath a staircase in the Student Center across from the bookstore is a small office, the contents of which are likely unknown to many students. This mysterious office is home to Judicial Affairs and Dispute Resolution services. Among the services offered by […]

New chain coming to the food court

Accommodating the budgets and cravings of thousands of starving students is difficult, but it is ultimately the goal of dining services. Catering to the light weight of student’s wallet is the easier part, as the school is able to directly control prices on their own restaurants, such as the Valley View Room and everything in […]

The Get Up Kids won’­­­­­­­t stay gone

The Get Up Kids spent the first half of their career creating a blueprint legions of future bands would emulate; however, they spent the second half attempting to escape their own sound. After breaking up for four years, and regrouping, TGUK seek to prove their validity by releasing their first album in seven years. 2009 […]