The Secret Life of Girls enlightens and entertains

The UVU/Noorda Theater Summer Youth Camp provided the opportunity for hundreds of local youth of all ages to learn from great teachers and to use what they’ve learned. The kids put on three different shows at the end of the camp, including The Secret Life Of Girls, the show put on by the older girls […]

Noorda Summer Theater Camp puts on shows

UVU is about to showcase theatrical talent from a group of local youth. As part of the first ever Noorda Summer Theater Camp, three productions begin on June 29. The camp was set up to help kids to not only learn about the theatrical arts, but also to get them directly involved. The camp participants […]

Theatre department’s summer workshop begins

Many members of the campus community have seen performances in the state-of-the-art Noorda Theatre, completed in 2009. What not everyone might know is that funding for the theater was only part of a larger program with an emphasis on helping youth. When Tye Noorda made a generous, university-matched donation to the Department of Theatrical Arts, […]

Grassroots Shakespeare company tours with Romeo and Juliet

The Grassroots Shakespeare Company’s Romeo and Juliet is likely different from any Shakespeare performance its audiences have seen before. This troupe is composed of thirteen actors and that’s all. There’s no director, no stage manager, no costume designer. “The greatest part of Grassroots Shakespeare is that there is no one director,” says company member Jessamyn […]