Author: Robbie Hayden

Faculty and their pets make a difference

In recent years, the number of organizations dedicated to volunteer work worldwide has increased considerably; alongside this has come a wide expansion in diversity. Delta Society is an international, non-profit organization with a unique mission. Utilizing professionally trained therapy animals, Delta Society is dedicated to providing medical support to millions of Americans suffering from physical and mental difficulties. "The value of animals in promoting healing and growth is becoming increasingly recognized among professional care providers, clinical practitioners, and educators," states, the Web site of Delta Society’s sister organization, Utah Animal-Assisted Therapy Association (UAATA). UVSC staff members Karen Mizell and Jennifer Brown, alongside their trained dogs Jette and Nixie, respectively, actively volunteer with Delta Society and UAATA. Mizell, who has volunteered with these organizations for several years, assists an elementary school reading program within the county. Through this program, students are selected to read to Jette unaccompanied. As they read, Mizell makes no attempts to correct their pronunciation. This approach encourages the student and boosts their confidence, according to Mizell. The students’ reading comprehension levels were tested before and after working with Jette. "All of the students within the program registered increases in their reading comprehension," Mizell said. "I’ve learned my most important lessons about teaching from my dog." Brown, who only recently moved to Utah, joined Delta Society and UAATA this January. "I’ve tried very hard to get...

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UVSC enrollment shows increase

Of all the public institutions of higher education in Utah, UVSC has had the second greatest percentage growth in enrollment numbers this year, according to the Utah System of Higher Education. The enrollment review, conducted at all 10 of Utah’s public higher education institutions, showed an overall 0.09 percent decrease in higher education students throughout Utah. Only three of the nine institutions’ enrollment increased:  UVSC, Utah State University and Southern Utah University. "We are pleased with the enrollment increase," said UVSC President William A. Sederburg, according to a UVSC press release. "We believe it has come about because of three factors: new bachelor degrees, university status and our retention efforts." The review was concluded on Oct. 9 and recorded each institution’s budget-related student head count, which includes all students enrolled in a course, and budget-related full-time equivalent (FTE) student count, which approximates the number of students enrolled full-time. UVSC’s head count in fall 2006 was 20,262 students; this fall there are 20,959 students, an increase of 697 and 3.4 percent.The FTE head count in fall 2006 was 13,877 and is now 14,371, an increase of 494 and 3.6 percent. UVSC’s own enrollment figures are slightly higher than those of the state.  According to a press release, in fall 2006, UVSC had a head count of 23,305 students, which has now risen to 23,840, an increase of 535 and 2.3...

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