Author: Richard Portwood

A letter from your student body president

America’s fight for independence has always been of particular interest to me. No matter what country you are from, there is something to be learned from this classic story in history. General George Washington observed that the victory in the War of Independence was through very peculiar circumstances. In his words, the war was won “by a concatenation of causes [which] in all probability at no time, or under any circumstance, will combine again.” Indeed, the Continental army was comprised of citizen volunteers who were paid little, poorly fed and were exposed to all conditions. The British army was, as it seemed, better prepared, better equipped and better provided for. The history books are full of stories that depict the Continental army defying all odds. This is a stage in your life which, to quote George Washington again, “at no time, or under any circumstance, will combine again.” You have a unique opportunity to gain an education and work towards something greater in your life. As you prepare for your final examinations, recognize that you will never have these courses again. I hope that you will make the most of the peculiar circumstance you are in right now and do your best to achieve the highest goals you have set for yourself. What a privilege and honor it is to represent...

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Message from UVUSA: UVUSA is going green, will you?

UVUSA is enthusiastic about the progress that has been made thus far with recycling at UVU. Our efforts to make the campus more environmentally friendly have been widely supported. We appreciate the constant support that we receive from the administration and most importantly our fellow students. However, we are also keenly aware that there is more that can be done in order to have a greener campus. Erica LeMaster, a writer for the UVU Review, also understands that we have more to do and wrote an exceptional article in the Sep. 7 edition entitled “Blue bins not green enough.” She gave an informative and well thought-out alternative to the wasted paper towels in our bathrooms and demonstrated how switching to air dryers could save money in the long run. To clarify slightly on some of the statistics given: UVUSA, despite our unwavering commitment, did not invest $15,000 into the recycling program. The investment came from student tuition, which shows the importance that our administration puts on the recycling initiative. We did, on the other hand, use approximately $1,500 to purchase 250 large white recycling stickers to label and help distinguish the new recycling bins throughout campus. With regard to UVUSA’s efforts to provide recycling options, Erica states that “it has come this far but it cannot stop here.” UVUSA would like to echo Erica’s comment: it cannot stop here....

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