Author: Richard Bohn

Feminist author bell hooks speaks out against domination

On March 29 feminist activist and author Gloria Jean Watkins, better known by her pen name, “bell hooks,” spoke in the Ragan Theater to large audience about the true value of feminism. Hooks spent a great deal of her presentation reading from a new manuscript she has written, which explains why she believes that “feminism is for everybody.” According to hooks, feminism is a political movement to end all forms of exploitation, thus “females and males from all walks of life have had their positions improved by feminism. Bell Hooks She described western society as “imperialist, white supremacist, capitalist, and patriarchal” with all these attributes being forms of what she calls “dominator thinking,” or ways that people use ideology to exploit others. Hooks stated that such bold statements concerning our society are often ridiculed in an attempt to deflect attention. Despite having a fiery reputation from her earlier work, hooks explained that “Expressing annoyance and rage at those who remain in denial was counterproductive.” Instead, hooks has begun trying to understand what it is that makes people change. Her conclusion was that accountability and love are the answers. “As we do the work of love, we are working toward ending domination.” Hooks continued her remarks with concerns about dualistic thinking, the effect of the media, and much of our society is made of overlapping systems of domination. By understanding...

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Evolution war judge speaks: Federal judge speaks on creationism in classrooms

In the conflict between evolution and religion sometimes known as the “Evolution War” few people have been as influential as federal Judge John E. Jones III of Pennsylvania. The case over which he presided was so controversial that it has been called the second Scopes-Monkey trial. On Feb. 18, Jones spoke to a mixed audience of UVU and BYU students about his landmark decision that declared the teaching of intelligent design in public schools unconstitutional. His remarks covered the history that led up to his case, as well as the case itself. The now-famous court case, Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District, began when the school board decided to teach intelligent design, a form of creationism, as an alternate scientific theory to evolution. Parents angry with the decision took the board to court, believing the board’s decision constituted religious endorsement. The trial itself took 21 days, after which Jones concluded that “intelligent design was not good science” and was instead religious in nature. This led to his second conclusion; that as a religious entity endorsement of intelligent design in schools violated the Establishment Clause of the Constitution. Jones ruled in favor of the parents and the decision that earned him a place in “Time” magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential People as well as U.S. Marshall protection in response to numerous death threats. Jones concluded his presentation with what he...

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