Author: Rebecca Hoffer

McDonald Racer No. 37 and a new sponsorship

Out on the tarmac of the Provo Airport, a group of people hovers around an airplane, the McDonald Racer #37. This would not be considered an unusual event at an airport, but this day was different. The plane on the runway is a lightweight T-6 racing aircraft being sponsored by UVU. On Sept. 9 the Aviation program hosted an event at the Provo Airport, making history with their sponsorship, which is uncommon for universities. There was excitement in the crowd as some questioned quietly who might get a chance to go up in the plane with its pilot, John Zayac. Flying for the better part of 20 years, Zayac has been racing for the last 10. He flew the McDonald Racer to Provo to meet the plane’s sponsor and allow students, staff and the general public an opportunity to see the actual race aircraft. This plane has been racing since 2006 and has just competed in the National Championship Air Races held in Reno, Nev. For race enthusiasts, air racing has been labeled the world’s fastest motor sport. The Reno race was held Sept. 15-19. The past two years, the Racer and its pilot placed third and fifth, respectively. According to Zayac they have a really great crew this year, “An eclectic group made up of business people, engineers and mechanics.” Through multiple sponsors, they have worked diligently at...

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The anti-immigration bandwagon

State and national legislators have been debating immigration reform since the birth of our country. Recently, the issue has evolved to target the immigrants crossing our southern border. It has also opened up debate on states’ rights in creating legislation. For Utahans, the issue has now approached our doorstep with Stephen Sandstrom’s immigration bill. Sandstrom, a state legislator from Orem, unveiled the bill August 13. It has since gained local and national attention. The bill is being compared with the controversial Arizona immigration bill, which has been criticized as borderline racial profiling. According to Sandstrom, his bill will cut costs. What costs and how they would be cut is, however, unclear. The draft bill intends to claim state funding for a “multi-agency strike force” to carry out what the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency already encompasses. Additionally, the bill calls for a “fraudulent documents identification unit” to be established under the multi-agency strike force to seek out and prosecute those who make fraudulent documents for identification purposes. So how will this bill cut costs? The proposed strike force will be partially funded by Section 10 of the bill. This section allows a legal resident to bring action in a district court to challenge any state or local government entity that acts in violation of the enforcement of proposed laws. The penalty is paid to the court by the violator...

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