Author: Nicola Pritchett

Love is all you need: in a relationship

This year I’ve got a sweetheart, a valentine, and it’s our first Valentine’s Day together. He bought two tickets for the ballet and made a dinner reservation in the city. I have plans for a nice dress and lipstick. I’m exactly where everyone will tell you you’re supposed to be on Valentine’s Day, and it is indeed very lovely. But, reviewing my past years of Valentine’s Days and contrasting the memories with this year, I realize that my feelings about the holiday really aren’t hinged on my relationship status. I’m grateful and giddy to be going on a dreamy...

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Disengaged learning

With all the advantages to education at UVU, it seems like a lot of students aren’t paying attention Nicola Pritchett | Production Manager | @xnicolajudith  On Tuesday morning I showed up to class with a dead laptop. Robbed of my screen, I pulled a barely-used notebook from my backpack and sat down with a ballpoint in hand—how different a notebook is from a laptop or a tablet or a smartphone. A notebook is a collection of empty pages. There are no goofy photos or inane Buzzfeed lists to fill your brain. Instead, you are the one to supply the...

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I walked into Temptasian 15 minutes before closing, a dangerous time to review a restaurant. Generally, employees are tired, the chef is working half-heartedly and the food is less than fresh. Fortunately, the woman who greeted me was friendly and addressed me by name (I had called my order in a few minutes earlier). My order was ready almost immediately and the service was pleasant and quick.     Temptasian’s interior was surprising. It felt a little like the lobby of a new hotel. The walls are beautifully paneled with light colored wood and a few hanging art installations....

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Melty Way: grilled cheese gourmet

American Fork is no mecca of fine foods. Until recently, the Northern-most end of Utah county had little more than an Applebees and a Chilis to choose from. But it seems the growth of gourmet start-ups in Provo has spread North.   Though I’ve never considered myself much a of a grilled-cheese fan, Melty Way has been tempting me since its opening day. As the restaurant nears its first birthday, I decided that I couldn’t hold out any longer. I wandered in to the tidy corner grilled-cheesery just a half-hour after opening for the day. Two employees worked away quietly,...

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Saturday’s Shows

The New Electric Sound with Mad Max and The Wild Ones and Mister Smith at Velour, Provo 8pm – $8 RSVP Check out The New Electric Sound here.  Check out Mad Max and The Wild Ones here. Check out Mister Smith here.      Songwriter Showdown finals at Muse Music, Provo 8pm – $5 RSVP     The Sounds with Blondfire in the Venue, SLC 7pm – $20 Buy tickets Check out The Sounds here. Check out Blondfire here.   Cover photo by Arash Armin...

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