Becoming Polyneices Part 2: The rehearsal

“I just like books – I’m not a fighter!” was all I could think to myself as the fight choreographer was going over my character’s moves for the first time, teaching me how to act. After getting a callback from the audition in August, I have been rehearsing with the cast and crew of Antigone […]

Becoming Polyneices

I’ve never done anything like this. Yet on the evening of Aug. 28., I found myself in front of the director citing a one-minute monologue, hoping to land a role in the upcoming play Antigone that had been personally commissioned by President Holland. Antigone  is an ancient Greek play about law, family, tradition, rebellion and […]

Community care: how donating gives back

The next time a news story is blasting over the television about people in other communities polluting, destroying, robbing, demanding or taking something from someone they should not, remember there are many people on this campus who unselfishly choose to give back. There are 92 different endowed scholarship funds and over 100 annual scholarships at […]

Freshman Reading Program an introduction to campus education

You might have seen the ads for the Freshman Reading Program around campus. The program is a structured way to experience intellectual life with other interesting and thoughtful people who want to express, explore, evaluate and experience provoking ideas within a university context. We all come from different backgrounds. Some of us may not have […]