Author: Nathan Turner

UVU vs. BYU: Mental Health

Feb. 11, 2013    According to Dr. Jack Jenkins, director of Psychological Services at UVU, when comparing the mental health resources at BYU and UVU, you notice one major thing: BYU is “light years ahead.” “We are understaffed for the size of student body we have,” Jenkins said after their presentation. UVU has five mental-health counselors and BYU has 30, despite that the two universities are similar in size and student demographics. The national standard of counselor-to-student ratio is 1:1,500. UVU has a ratio of around 1:5,000. Jenkins said that because of the lack of counselors some counselors work through their lunch breaks to see an extra patient. He said there are some days when a counselor will see two or three high-risk patients on top of their usual schedule. The long wait to see a counselor, and the need for more of them, concerns some students at...

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Philosophy department and club host conference

The Department of Philosophy and Humanities and the Philosophy Club held their sixth annual G. Lawrence Anderson Memorial Undergraduate Philosophy Conference in the Sorenson Student Center on March 21 and 22.   The keynote address, given by Dr. Shaun Nichols, professor of philosophy at the University of Arizona, had more than 120 students in attendance. The student presentations had decent attendance as well. Both the department and the club collaborated on the conference this year, whereas in years past, faculty mostly organized the event.   “It seems like we had significantly larger attendance this year and consistently better papers as well,” said Adam Wilson, an intern in the Philosophy and Humanities Department who organized the conference. “We also had submissions from SUU, USU, BYU and even Florida State.”   Adam Donahoo was the first-place winner of the student presentations. He presented “The Philosophical Re-Enchantment of the World: Science and Correlationism in the thought of Edmund Husserl and Martin Heidegger.”   “It’s important to note Cecily Stephen,” Wilson said about another award winner from the conference. “Her paper was an Intro to Philosophy paper and we really wanted to make sure got honorable mention for how fantastic it was, especially for a student who’s never done that before,”   Dr. Nichols gave a presentation on work he has done at the University of Arizona: “Two Senses of Self.” The experiments...

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UVU’s Addiction Conference

UVU’s Conference on Addiction was held Feb. 22 in the Student Center from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The conference covered topics from prescription drug abuse to pornography to gambling.   The opening keynote address was given by Alema Harrington, the host of “Jazz Game Night” and the anchor of BYU football pre-game show “Countdown to Kickoff.” Harrington gave his personal story of going “from rock bottom to rock solid,” and introduced the acronym that helped him with recovery, H.O.P.E.: humility, open-mindedness, patience and enthusiasm.   The luncheon keynote address was given by John T. Carnevale in the Grande Ballroom. Canevale’s address focused on the direction the United States drug policy is taking and the experience he had working under four drug administrations in Washington D.C.   “At least decriminalization [of marijuana] has a lot more regulatory constraints around it,” Carnevale said. “[However] I’d rather start with neither.”   Carnevale also talked about the danger America is in since Obama downgraded the position of “Drug Czar” from a cabinet-level to a sub-cabinet position. He pointed out some of the effects this decision has had on the nation already, like shifting the focus of the topic from the government to those in favor of decriminalization.   He said that out of all the administrations in the past century, Nixon’s administration had the best ideas when it came to drug policy....

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