Author: Melissa Garrett

Helping the homeless find a home

“Like” it, text it, vote it: Provo is hoping to follow the footsteps of Salt Lake City and Ogden to climb the ladder of votes and win a $250,000 grant from Pepsi to help the homeless find a home by the end of January. The Food and Care Coalition is a non-profit organization based in Provo that provides meals, dental/medical care and laundry/shower facilities among many other needed services. Executive Director of the Food and Care Coalition Brent Crane urges the community to vote so they can win the grant, finish their new transitional housing facility and pay for one year’s cost of operation. “We serve about 250 homeless individuals a night and about 4,000 individuals long-term during a year,” Crane said. “The problem is that Utah Valley has no shelter; once this project is finished, it will be the first dedicated transitional housing model in the county.” UVU Professor Linda Walton, who has served the Food and Care Coalition for over 30 years through volunteer work and fundraising, said the goal is to use the money to finish building 38 housing units and supply individuals with the support and skills needed to integrate back into society. “The plan solves the problem, whereas the shelter is a temporary Band-Aid approach, compared to surgery, which would actually fix the problem,” Walton said, referring to the transitional housing model. Walton explained...

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Stand out with an international internship

The chance to live or study abroad can be a great experience, but one needs to stand out when competing in the market with others who have gained similar experiences and skill sets. Completing a successful international internship can be a way to enhance superiority above competitors. On Thursday, Sept. 9, a panel discussion will be held to inform students about the benefits and advantages of exploring and completing an international internship.  Lunch will be provided for all participants who attend. Dr. Danny Damron, Director of the International Center, will be participating in the panel discussion and emphasizes that international internships take a lot of initiative on the part of the student, but the investment opens many doors. “Students need to understand that this is not an extra activity, it is an investment in their future careers,” Damron said. “Ground experience provides them with knowledge and a skill set for work.” Leanna Escobar of the International Center is a key player in the organization of this event. Its purpose is to help students understand that in a vibrant LDS culture, a lot of people have had international experiences. That alone may not be enough to stand out to employers anymore because so many people have those aptitudes. “Competing against the same LDS network can be hard and students have to step up,” Escobar said. “An international internship helps students...

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International Women’s Symposium

Being a diplomat’s wife isn’t easy, especially when one has to push aside personal goals and needs. But for the six panelists of the International Women’s Symposium, that difficulty was a learning experience, one whose lessons they would like to share. On Sept. 2, the university will be hosting to be hosting six wives of current and former consul generals for a conference. The invitees will give presentations on the challenges, choices and opportunities that are faced in living a balanced diplomatic life. The guest presentations will transition into an interactive panel discussion. Associate Vice President for International Affairs Dr. Rusty Butler became interested in the lifestyle changes women face as their husbands accept important diplomatic roles while meeting with a group of consul generals in Southern California. “Accomplished women in their own right put aside their own careers so their husbands can take on a senior diplomatic role,” Butler said. “I have not heard of another event like this in the western United States.” Dr. Susan Madsen, a professor of Leadership and Ethics, will be moderating a panel discussion along with Tcholpon Akmatalieva, wife of a former Kyrgyz ambassador. Madsen stresses that living in a global economy requires broadening understanding, values and opinions. “We can’t just be comfortable with our perspectives within our own community and state,” Madsen said. “We need to be thinking globally in order to...

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