Throwing the baby out with the firewater

In a laughable attempt to balance the budget, Utah’s legislature is punishing one of the state’s few profitable agencies, presumably because it helps miscreants and moralists alike get drunk. The House and Senate passed a bill slashing the budget of the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. The bill requires that the Utah Alcoholic Beverage Control […]

Help them help us

Mental health programs need more support Although the school has an efficient suicide prevention program, the Student Health Services needs more counselors to help students struggling with depression. On Nov. 9, after a student nearly attempted to commit suicide on campus, a collective sigh of dismissal was released: He didn’t jump. Problem solved. But the […]

Letter from the editor: December 6, 2010

Hello my darlings, Sing praises. The semester is nearly over. Now we’ll finally get to use all that brain power we waste on general education to focus on the world around us. In this issue we focus on the struggle between handmade local gifts and the assembly-line products of big business. We at The V […]

All-inclusive Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time of family gathering – but what about those who aren’t welcome in their own family? For Utahans alienated by their sexuality this Thanksgiving, the Utah Pride Center will host a Thanksgiving dinner for the local LGBTQ community. The Center is a Salt Lake organization that according to their website “provides support, […]

Icicles on your bicycles?

Learn to keep up a self-propelled commute during winter All things considered, it’s harder to live an environmentally friendly life during the winter, when the environment isn’t reciprocating your friendship. Though finding local organic produce, using mass transit and cutting down your utility bills are only 40 percent more difficult according to this survey that […]

Holidays sans happiness

How to deal with grief during winter holidays Winter holidays carry with them a pressure to be happy; to smile in pictures, to give presents, to express love, to energetically bounce from event to event. And for those mourning the death of a loved one, the pressure can be suffocating. Last week, Caring Connections, a […]

Letter from the Editor: November 8, 2010

Hello my darlings, As a media source, we at The V hear a lot about representing our demographic, meaning the student body at UVU, accurately and proportionately. What this means in our case is that we are constantly pegged as a liberal rag that is overly critical of the predominant culture. Granted, this is mostly […]

Gastro-gasm Author makes dinner a carnal experience

[monoslideshow id=14] Amanda Simpson is out to prove that not all pornography deals with nudity; some porn is all about close-up graphic images of cakes and sandwiches. Simpson’s cookbook FOOD PORN DAILY is based on her successful blog of the same name; but while the blog features photos with no recipes, the book takes a […]

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