Author: Mary Megan Ault

How to be a better customer

I have worked as a hostess, waitress, cook, bus boy (in my case bus girl) — I’ve probably worked in every position a restaurant has to offer. I know how to flirt with the old men, I know how to get the little kids to smile, I can up-sell like no one’s business, and most importantly, I have excellent people skills.

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The North American Union. What exactly is it?

According to the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, it is a theoretical continental union of Canada, Mexico, and the United States similar in structure to the European Union, including a common currency called the Amero.

Is this true? Is a North American Union actually going to be created? Officials from all three nations have said there are no government plans to create such a union, but the idea is still being discussed and proposed in academic and scholarly circles.

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Unrealistic expectations

As I walk into the store, I automatically see celebrity magazines. Each striving to gain your attention as it seeks you, the buyer, to purchase and read it. Angelina Jolie, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Hally Berry, Kate Moss, and Eva Longoria are only a few of the women who grace the covers of such magazines.

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Vote for Utah House of Representatives

It’s not just about John McCain and Barack Obama; it’s also about Don Jarvis. “Who is Don Jarvis?” I asked myself. He is a Democrat running for Utah House District 63, which means he would be representing our area if he won. Do you know there are multiple elections going on during the month of November? That means there are multiple candidates running for the offices that will run your district, state and country.

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Not Republican or Democrat, voting for John McCain

John McCain is the best pick for president! He has served this country with dignity and respect. He is a hero, father, husband and a man who is worthy to be the president. The war in Iraq, debt, Russia, immigration, the economy, education, same-sex marriage, healthcare, American energy — all are issues being discussed as we choose the next president.

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