Boxing Lydia

Ello all, Aunty Lyd’s here for my last message of the year. No need to cry though. I’ll be back next year to impart to you my wisdom and life experience. This week I was trying to think of things that Americans don’t have that I grew up with at home. Three things came to […]

On not being Australian

Ello all. This week I wanted to clear up some fallacies about my person. In my time here in Orem, I don’t go a day without someone asking me where I’m from or guessing that I’m from Australia, South Africa or Sweden (don’t ask). I wonder if there are many other Australian people out there […]

Galliano was my love muppet.

Ello all you fashion-forward lot. A few years ago I was doing the rounds at the Milan, Paris and London fashion scenes. My friends Matina, La Lemmah and I became a part of Galliano’s inner fashion circle. He gave us fashion focus projects so that he could be informed and on the cutting edge of […]

30 days of ‘ween: Part 3

Ello all you haunted house goers out there. Let me tell you about one of my first haunted houses. It was the ‘Ween of my fourteenth year and in an attempt to get to know my dear old daddy a bit better and share an interest, I decided we’d go to a haunted house. I […]

30 days of ‘ween: Part 2

30 days of ‘ween: Part 2

Ello all. As you may remember, last week I talked about corn mazes, but this week, we go a bit deeper into the ‘Ween spirit and look at movies that set the mood for All Hallows. Back when I was 12-years-old, me and my mate Berta went to see a movie we thought looked good. […]

30 days of ‘ween

30 days of ‘ween

Ello all, it’s that time again. Every year around this period, I start feeling it in my body. Cramps, irritability, anxiety, mood swings, angry outbursts and tender mamas are all signs that my favorite holiday – I like to call it ‘ween – is here. I hear some of you dissenters whispering that it’s too […]

Conversion just left me heathen

Ello all you humans out there. Why do I say humans you ask? Well you’re a denominationally diverse lot, and I’d hate to offend anyone by leaving them out of my directed salutations. It’s safe to call you all humans, even you’re born again whatever-you-call-ems, bless. Religion can be a touchy subject. Some people can […]

Lydia does McDonald’s

Ello all you food enthusiasts, its Aunty Lyds here and I’ve had food on my mind. So here’s some thought for food, as it were.   Now I don’t want to upset anyone here, but you know home cooking is the best, isn’t it? Yes Lydia, you are right, home cooking is the best. So […]