Chubby’s Big Eats

On State Street in Pleasant Grove sits a neighborhood café that serves up big food — big enough to fit its name. Chubby’s Neighborhood Café specializes in big portions and small prices. For the price of a meal at a typical fast food place, Chubby’s guarantees you will not leave hungry. Its diverse menu ranges […]

“Just Cause II” only semi-worthy

“Just Cause 2” is an open-world shooter set in the fictional islands of Panau, which have been American-friendly until it is overthrown by a very nasty dictator. It is the gamer’s job to remove him from power and seek out the American agent that is alleged to have put him there. The game is fast-paced […]

One night of mayhem

The Anime Club’s Video Game Night offered its attendees, for the reasonable cover charge of 2 dollars, a coupon for a free six-inch sub from Red Deli, a carbineer/LED flashlight/compass key chain from RC Willey and best of all, four hours of gaming joy. The incredible thing about the video game night was that the […]