Author: Luke Bernfield

Chubby’s Big Eats

On State Street in Pleasant Grove sits a neighborhood café that serves up big food — big enough to fit its name. Chubby’s Neighborhood Café specializes in big portions and small prices. For the price of a meal at a typical fast food place, Chubby’s guarantees you will not leave hungry. Its diverse menu ranges from Southern comfort food to burgers and fries and everything in between. And all of it is amazing. Some menu specialties include beer-battered fries, home-made jambalaya, fresh-from-the-smoker baked beans and chicken fried steak. Chubby’s cheese steak burger is the crowning jewel in its menu full of good eats. This combination of a cheese steak sandwich and a hamburger can only be described as mounds of beefy goodness. Chubby’s inexpensive prices make it accessible to college students and families alike. The average meal price is around $7 and considering the portions, that is a steal. If you’re looking for a down-home atmosphere and great food, this is the place for you. Chubby’s is located at 670 W. State Rd. in Pleasant Grove. They’re open Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 7 a.m. to 10...

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“Just Cause II” only semi-worthy

“Just Cause 2” is an open-world shooter set in the fictional islands of Panau, which have been American-friendly until it is overthrown by a very nasty dictator. It is the gamer’s job to remove him from power and seek out the American agent that is alleged to have put him there. The game is fast-paced and it keeps coming with explosions and plenty of enemies to fight. Don’t think that because you have cleared an area that you’re safe; enemies will spring from everywhere — and I mean everywhere — until you complete your mission or die. This game is huge, with over 400 square miles to traverse and a lot of exploration to do. If you’re not up for a 15 kilometer drive then hail your black market contact, The Slothe Demon, and hop on a ride to any location that you have been to before. As far as the story goes, think of it more like a really cheesy action movie than an engaging narrative: The plot doesn’t matter and rarely makes any real sense and leaves something to be desired. If you like games that have a great story, I would advise you to stay away; this one will not provide you any kind of narrative satisfaction. Just sit back and enjoy the mayhem. Every side mission begins with a very similar cut scene, where a...

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One night of mayhem

The Anime Club’s Video Game Night offered its attendees, for the reasonable cover charge of 2 dollars, a coupon for a free six-inch sub from Red Deli, a carbineer/LED flashlight/compass key chain from RC Willey and best of all, four hours of gaming joy. The incredible thing about the video game night was that the club’s sponsor for the event, who was going to provide the games and the consoles, pulled out two hours prior to the event’s start.  Which left the Anime Club in quite a predicament, having to quickly find consoles, TVs, and games for their event. These items ended up being primarily provided by the club members and club advisor. This aside, no one would have ever been able to tell that the event was pulled together in two short hours. The event’s tournaments ran smoothly and the different consoles were rarely left unattended. The players were always willing to trade off playing time and even welcomed inexperienced players. The first of the three tournaments was the original Nintendo game, “Duck Hunt.” The competition was thrilling and in the end Joe Petersen was the winner, with a score of 212,800. To put this score in context, the fourth-highest score ever is 267,100 according to the Twin Galaxies Web site. The next tournament was “Super Smash Brothers Brawl” for the Nintendo Wii. There were more people playing...

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