Author: Lincoln Op't Hof

Financial aid and scholarships keep students afloat

Students can reduce financial stress of attending college Each year millions of dollars are provided, through financial aid and scholarships, for UVU students to help relieve the financial pressure that comes from pursuing meaningful education and careers. Tuition at UVU is relatively low for a university. The basic rate of tuition and fees for attendance each semester totals $2,826 for residents and $8,033 for non-residents, according to the UVU rate schedule. Those rates apply to full-time students taking between 12 and 18 credits. A bachelor’s degree, which generally takes four years to complete, can cost over $20,000 for a...

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Emergency preparedness works to improve disaster preparedness

The emergency management office  is responsible for many aspects of campus safety and emergency readiness, such as providing education, equipment and resources for the UVU population. Robin Ebmeyer, director of emergency management and safety, is responsible for everything from ensuring that automatic external defibrillators are available throughout campus to developing and rehearsing complex responses to large-scale emergency events. Those rehearsals are conducted regularly to prepare for specific events and to help find weaknesses in plans and procedures. “I like to push things until they break,” said Ebmeyer. “I want to know where the breaking spots are, and I want...

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How to stay safe on campus

Being safe, even at a location such as UVU might seem unnecessary, but here are some general tips a person can use to minimize risk and stay safe. Be aware of your surroundings Often, especially on a university campus, people are drawn into their electronics and do not pay much attention to what is happening around them. Paying attention to what people are doing can aid in knowing if they are stressed, angry or experiencing a physical or mental emergency. Being aware can help improve response time to either provide aid, alert authorities or get to safety.   Awareness...

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How to get a cheap UTA bus pass

Public transit appeals to people for varied reasons. Whether the environment is a concern or someone simply wants to save money on a car and parking, public transit might be a great option. Utah has a robust public transit system that includes buses, TRAX and the FrontRunner train. The Utah Transit Authority offers many different passes to the public, but a reduced-cost option is available to UVU students. What is it? The UTA Transit Pass brings together all the UTA transit options, except for ski resort transit, for use by the pass holder. Students must be enrolled in at...

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