Author: Kyrie Hulick

Tech Beat: IPad mini

The release of the iPad mini was quieter than the release of the much awaited iPhone 5 only a month previous. Many thought it was simply a rumor, something to think about while their Christmas iPhone lingered in the mail…

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Renaissance Faire lacked authenticity

Situated just inside Provo Canyon and surrounded by a forest on the brink of bursting into flaming fall colors, the Renaissance Faire was off to a good start simply in the chosen location of Mt. Timpanogos Park. The only setback was the limited parking offered there, which was largely occupied by staff and participants rather than guests. That could have been forgiven had the staff done anything more than dress up to prepare for the event. However, the whole affair lacked authenticity to an embarrassing degree. Sprinkled with glaring anachronisms–glasses, wristwatches, chewing gum, the simple imperfections could have been forgiven had they been overshadowed with decent accents. The presence of a familiar Utah drawl invaded every corner of the event, dulling the crisp autumn air as it begged for Elizabethan authenticity in speech. Each act of entertainers differed in audience reaction. There were a few that made me lower my camera and sadly walk away, but there were also those that legitimately captured my attention. For instance, representatives from Great Basin Wildlife Rescue, an organization that takes in injured birds of prey and nurses them back to health, were strolling around the park carrying live falcons on their wrists. While these birds were tethered to ensure they didn’t fly away, they weren’t injured and certainly added a layer of interest for the guests. Though the kids seemed perfectly content...

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