Why Americans fall head-over-heels for foreign accents

Hundreds of ethnicities prowl our halls. Although many natives of Utah claim a lack of culture, it is unquestionable that our campus is a sea of diversities. Along with the spectrum of different backgrounds and languages come hundreds of different accents. Though most foreign students are unaware of the ‘sexy factor’ of their accents, they […]

‘I hate the French’ Learning to overlook stereotypes

Whilst waiting at a bus-stop on a little Island off the coast of Morocco, I was approached by a middle-aged American man sporting a Red Sox T-shirt. He heard my British accent and we immediately struck up a conversation concerning England. The man raved for a good ten minutes about the beauty and culture of […]

French food: fowl or foul?

Having spent the previous year in France, I encountered many less-than-appetizing looking dishes. One that particularly stuck out in my memory was a salad, but not just any salad. This was an exploded pigeon-gut salad. As I reached for my fork, I surveyed my platter with disgust. How could anybody eat this? As I scanned […]