Wolverines fall to UTEP in home seasons opener

With the reality of back-to-school sinking in, Utah Valley is doing what it can to enjoy its last few summer Friday nights. That was evident as the Utah Valley women’s soccer team attracted a thick crowd of nearly 500 at Clyde Field to watch their season home opener against the Miners of University of Texas […]

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I constantly hear conversations about how college can be huge waste of time and a small amount of fun. I respect the opinion, but its their own fault.

UVU Athletics sport a growing future

Utah Valley University’s athletic program excelled in multiple programs throughout last season including earning Great West Conference titles in baseball, men’s basketball, soccer, volleyball and cross country.

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I have made many mistakes since that day and I will undoubtably continue to make more. At the Review, we are constantly covering great stories in an honest and truthful manner while keeping a professional atmosphere.

Wolverine wranglers rope in national recognition

Wolverine wranglers rope in national recognition

For many students at UVU, their understandings of rodeos are limited to events put on by local cities during their celebrations. Pleasant Grove has their Strawberry Day’s Rodeo and Lehi recently had their 75th Annual Lehi Round-Up Rodeo to celebrate their city. While these local cities continue to sell out their seats, the Utah Valley […]

Celebrating Independence Day with my own reflections

At Utah Valley and every other university around the country, athletic events start out the same way: the audience rises to face our flag and sings or listens to the National Anthem. I will be the first to shamefully admit, sometimes this just becomes a thoughtless routine for me while attending multiple games a week. […]

Regardless of our positions, we are still students

In my freshmen year of college here at Utah Valley, I was only enrolled in one communications class. It would be the start of my college career and a class that secured my thoughts of where I wanted to go in life. I always knew that I wanted to do something with the news, which […]