Author: Kari Harbath

Frontrunner comes to Provo

Monday, Dec. 10, 2012 is the official opening date of the Frontrunner stop in Provo.   Students at UVU balance a lot throughout their week, including traveling to and from school, work and home. Many students receive internships their junior and senior year, some of which are miles away from Orem and can mean a stressful rush-hour drive for some. However, in December of 2012, that will change.   On April 5, the Utah Public Transit Authority, UTA, announced the official opening date of the FrontRunner extension from Salt Lake City to Provo. This extension will include stops in...

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Facebook buys Instagram

It is a typical day on Facebook. Someone LOLs and liked the latest meme in their newsfeed, their friends are reading the latest trending, and possibly trashy, story on one of the many social readers, and while they begin to type up yet another passive-aggressive Facebook status about their crazy roommate, an Instagram photo pops up.   Instagram is a pretty simple photo app. Take a picture, make it look cool and upload it to the social platform of your choice for everyone to see.   Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg bought into this simple concept on April 9, spending...

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Honoring those who have gone before

Veterans Day provides the opportunity for Americans to take a moment to pay tribute to those who fought for this country and defended freedom. In honor of all Veterans, the UVU Army ROTC held a Veterans Day ceremony on Nov. 11 in the courtyard. About 100 people attended the event, including students from Vineyard Elementary school, to show their appreciation and support. The school brought 75 of their young students along for the event. Orem native Colonel Jerry R. Acton was the guest speaker at the ceremony and he shared some of the history behind Veterans Day. This was followed by some of his personal experiences in the military. Erick R. Wiedmeier, an assistant professor of Military Science who worked hard to make this event possible, shared some of his favorite moments from the event. “Colonel Acton spoke about being away from home in Afghanistan and remembered that some of the best times were receiving care packages from local elementary school kids,” Wiedmeier said. “He thanked the elementary students for those good memories. He also thanked the veterans for their hard work.” In response to the event’s success, Wiedmeier said, “Today went well. I appreciate those who were able to come out and be there despite the cold weather. It was a great day to honor our surviving veterans. I encourage family members and friends to call the veterans...

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Nuncrackers features both laughter and warmth

If you are looking for a great show to attend over the holidays, head over to the SCERA Theater in Orem for a family-friendly Christmas production. The SCERA Theater is showing its production of Nuncrackers: The Nunsense Christmas Musical, which is a sequel to the original Nunsense production. Nunsense begins with Sister Julia, Child of God, accidentally poisoning and killing 52 of her sister nuns. The remaining nuns proceed to figure out wacky ways to raise money in order to pay for the proper burial of their 52 deceased sisters. But they are left needing funds for a proper burial for two remaining nuns. In Nuncrackers, the sisters of Nunsense are raising the money to give the last two a proper burial. This wild and charming production, written by Dan Goggin, is a must-see for the holiday season. The production of Nuncrackers at the SCERA Theater is directed by Howard and Kathryn Little. “When Father Virgil has to step in for the nun named Sister Julia, Child of God, during a cooking segment of the nun’s Christmas special, he does a dead-on impression of Julia Child as he accidently keeps drinking the rum he’s supposed to be putting in the fruitcake. It is hysterical,” said April Berlin, operations manager and marketing and development manager at the SCERA Theater, speaking about her favorite part of the show. “I think the holiday...

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Recession-proof art: exhibit displays a fun way to make do

The recession’s grasp on the economy means less funds for all aspects of life, including the arts. But a group of local artists have found a way to provide recession-proof art and a chance to see it. From Oct. 2-30, the Covey Center for the Arts is displaying an exhibit entitled “HARD TIMES: INSPIRATION, BEAUTY AND THE ART OF MAKING DO,” showing off the work of the Utah Surface Design Group (USDG). The art exhibit is based on the concept of recycled goods passed from one artist to another, resulting in unique works of art. Danae Friel, the marketing coordinator at the Covey Center, said that “Creativity is a wonderful way to respond to hard times. Despite harsh economic realities, beauty can still be found in everyday items – and everyone can be an artist.” USDG is a group of artists that share a passion for surface design, which is the coloring, patterning and structuring of fiber and fabric. Created in the early 1990s, the USDG is now booming with more than 40 members and they are continuously growing. These creative artists took it upon themselves this year to work with each other through recycling and swapping materials to create a new sort of art that people can relate to in these hard economic times. Created with items from their closets and work spaces, their exhibit features wild and...

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