Author: Kaiti Pratt

Santa needs a few helpers

As the season of giving approaches, many UVU families are in need of help to make this Christmas memorable.   This year UVU will be teaming up with the Utah County United Way to spread Christmas cheer by expanding their Sub-4-Santa program to give more families on campus a little Christmas miracle for the holidays.   A Sub-4-Santa program was initiated at UVU as poverty and financial difficulties became a more prevalent challenge for faculty and students on our campus. To meet the needs of our university family, UVU’s Volunteer & Service Learning Center began coordinating and facilitating a Sub-4-Santa program on campus in 2003 through United Way.   “Through programs and projects in the community, the Center works to increase social and cultural awareness, build a sense of community commitment, and extend meaningful educational opportunities that increase knowledge and enhance academic skill,” said Lindsay Goodrich, with AmeriCorps Vista at UVU. “Additionally, we focus on issues such as alleviating poverty through our AmeriCorps VISTA program and the Food Pantry.”   The program works by seeking out families who need assistance for the holidays and pairs them with “sponsors” who then buy two articles of clothing, two new toys for each child in the family, and a book. Sponsors can contact the parents to determine what the child is in need of, or would like for Christmas and usually will...

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No more starving students

UVU’s food pantry helps students in need and saves them from financial hardships   The food pantry on UVU’s campus is a saving grace for many UVU students and faculty who may otherwise go hungry in times of financial uncertainties. The idea of an on-campus food pantry began floating around the Volunteer and Service Learning Center around six years ago.   “Neal Maxfield’s service-learning class did research on poverty at UVU in 2009-2010 and really showed the need for a food pantry,” Goodrich said. “With the new research and the actual space available, the food pantry finally came about.” Said Lindsey Goodrich, the current intern with the center.   The UV “You Can” food pantry is located in LC 205. As part of the Service Learning Center office and is open for those who may not know where or how they will get their next meal. Students are welcome to utilize the pantry to take what they need to provide for themselves and their families.   The university also decided to join forces with the food bank to try and make a bigger difference on campus. Although UVU’s pantry does not offer fresh produce, the Community Action Food Bank in Provo makes those items available. On campus, one can find basic items such as canned food, noodles, and peanut butter.   Students who wish to receive support are welcome...

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