Author: Justin Brady

Beating the holiday blues

During the hustle and bustle of the holiday season with final projects, papers and comprehensive tests, some students may find themselves feeling overwhelmed and down. There are multiple situations that could potentially cause stress or depression. This time of year plays a major role in the happiness of many students. Expectations of good times are normal, but when those expectations aren’t met, depression can result. If it is cold outside, oftentimes students will choose to stay inside. In doing so, they may not socialize or interact with other people nearly as much as they might otherwise. This isolation can lead to loneliness. Many students on campus say that the holidays bring with them an expectation of being close to one’s family or spending a great deal of time with loved ones. Some students may not feel a close connection to family or they may not have optimal family relationships. “Some people might have a hard family situation or not much money and the holidays just make you more aware of that,” said student Chantelle Thompson. “Everyone feels like they’re supposed to be with family on Christmas.” “It may be difficult for my brother who is stuck up in Logan with just he and his roommate,” said student Colby Keddington. Many students are living on an extremely tight budget, and as a result do not have the money to travel...

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Pretty or Smart, the roles of Women

On Friday, Dec. 3, UVU student Natalie Bankhead presented her findings to students and professors during the second annual “Contours of Knowledge” conference.  Bankhead’s topic was “The Social Construction and Evolution of Gender Within Three Generations.” Bankhead said that for her project, she interviewed her Grandmother and her Mother. The third generation was Bankhead herself. According to Bankhead, her Grandmother was a 1950’s housewife who was expected to stay in the home, cook, clean and look pretty. Bankhead’s Mother was born in 1947 and grew up wanting to be cute and have many children. According to Bankhead, her generation requires that “One has to be smart or pretty.” Conference organizer Rikki Carter said that Bankhead, “Made astute observations.” According to Carter, “We are in the adolescent phase” of social construction and gender evolution for...

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