Author: Joseph Smith

UVU pulls out the beads and snakes to celebrate Mardi Gras

Photos by Gabi Campell On Friday Feb. 28, UVUSA threw their annual Mardi Gras celebration. The event had many different attractions to draw people, including a hypnotist and magician, casino room, pizza, cotton candy, dance floor, Comedy Sportz and even a red carpet where you could take pictures with a massive snake. “I like how they have different things here for everyone: comedy, pizza, candy,” said Tiani Whitman. “Anyone could find something they like.” The party started at 9 p.m. on Friday night and ended at 2 a.m. the next morning. In-between there was a lot to see. Some...

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UVU Musicians are escaping Gravity

Everyone has heard about the Provo Music Scene. After artists like Fictionist, Imagine Dragons and Neon Trees a lot of people think that they understand the sound of Utah. But three artists are About to break that wide open, with a concert set up for Friday the 28th at Velour in Provo. Performing are The Vibrant Sound, headed up by McKay Stevens who is a UVU Alum and large figure in the Provo Music scene, Mimi Knowles who recently won Velour’s battle of the bands and Better Taste Bureau who was voted for City Weekly Music Awards Band of...

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A new kind of transport is sliding its way on to UVU campus

A new type of transportation and recreation is quickly rolling its way into the campus life of UVU. Many students have seen some boy or girl carrying around a longboard in the halls or riding one in the parking lots. Some students may wonder what the appeal is of standing on big planks of wood? Why do all these students bring boards to school and carry them around? “One, it’s very enjoyable, two, it’s fun that everyone can have, and three, it’s a great method of travel. I love longboarding because it’s just about friends going out,” Riley Wallin,...

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Provo/Orem public transit proposes more efficient bus system

Utah transportation authorities are preparing to improve the public transportation system in Provo and Orem. “The purpose of this project is not to replace cars but to give people more options and make a multi-modal approach to transportation. The city of Orem has fully embraced it,” Paul Goodrich, transportation engineer for the city of Orem, said. The new Bus Rapid Transit system involves a new type of bus that has high speed, high capacity functioning and drives in its own lane to offer faster and efficient operation. The Provo/Orem BRT website claims this system offers reliable service with intervals...

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Some Grammy love for a few hometown heroes

The Grammy awards are Sunday January 26 and among the nominations for best Electronic/Dance Album and best Electronic Song are works by Kaskade and a former UVU student. Born in Chicago, Kaskade—whose real name is Ryan Raddon—went to Brigham Young University and later the University of Utah where he met his wife and moved with her to San Francisco. He had been practicing DJing in his dorm rooms and at local parties, but the city that is home to the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz was home to some wicked record spinning at the time and led to his success....

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