Your education might be your last hope

Your education might be your last hope

I have a friend who was told by a prospective employer that she would not get the job because she is not a Mormon.   I have another friend who published an article examining her personal experience with racism in the course of her education. She got more than a few angry replies. One man […]

Wednesday Woes: The Trouble with Nicknames

The other day, my friend Jarom was reborn. It was amazing.   Walking through Times Square, Jarom was stopped by a random rap artist, peddling his wares among the tourists. “What’s your name, man?”   “Jarom.”   “Jared?”   “Jarom.”   “Cool,” said the rapper. “I’m gonna call you J-Smoove.”   That’s right, Smoove, with […]

Your Resigned Optimism Sucks

This week Old Man Winter sucker-punched us right in the back of the head.  He sang us all off to a peaceful slumber with mendacious lullabies, promising us a lush, warm winter. And then, right as we were all floating off to the Land of Sweet Dreams, he flipped us over onto our stomachs and […]

Wednesday Woes: Movie trivia time

Has this ever happened to you? You’re at party, really hitting it off with a fine specimen of whatever gender(s) you’re into. You two are comparing notes on personal dreams, favorite bands, influential bands, politics, religion, the works and all signs are pointing toward get married and commence the aggressive manufacture of children. I mean, […]

Serenity Now. Or Never. It’s Up To You.

I should have known that I was making a mistake. It was noon-thirty in the food court here at our beloved Utah Valley University. On a Monday. The line for the Pizza Hut was packed. The Costa Vida was stuffed. The queue at Subway was probably the length of fifty five-dollar foot longs. In the […]

Wednesday woes: Bro grabs

Be slow to fall into friendship; but when thou art in, continue firm and constant.   -Socrates   Hey, dude, it’s nice to meet you. My name is John-Ross. Most every calls me J.R., though. I wish I had a cool nickname that everybody called me, but the only alias that’s ever really stuck is […]

2012 blues

2012 blues

Sometime during the break I decided that I might want to purchase a gun. Some variety of pump action 12-gauge mangler, the kind that I would clean in the living room if I had a daughter and her boyfriend were coming to dinner for the first time.   I’m not certain where this sudden yen […]

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