Author: Joey Mayes

Why I hate The Misfits

It’s getting kinda cold out, and the leaves are changing, and there’s only a few days left til it’s Halloween. One whole night of crappy, hard to see through masks, homemade costumes made of fabric only your grandmother still wears, candy you probably won’t ever get around to eating, and parties full of idiots. If you happen to get out to a punk rock show on this hallowed evening there’s a very good chance at least one band will cover a misfits song, or hell, even do an entire misfits set. The misfits (for those living under a rock) were a band that created an entire career around writing catchy songs about crappy horror movies and had one really great speed metal record (Earth A.D.). They broke up in 1982 and subsequently “reunited” in the late 1990’s to a whole new generation of punks (read: kids clueless about current thriving underground punk.). I admit there was a time when I would never have said hate in reference to the Misfits. Things have changed. I’ve grown up (marginally), I’ve found hundreds more bands to listen to and I’ve found new idols to worship. I also don’t really shop at the mall any longer. Since after “reuniting” their fans have gotten stupider, fatter, and way less cool. Hot topic is really the best place to find misfits paraphernalia and for a...

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Reel-to-reel now real-to-fake

I got to the soft opening about 15 minutes early, which is a character flaw. I think of myself as a cool guy sometimes, and then I realize I’m always early and never late. And If I know I’m going to be late I usually don’t go at all. Very uncool. So I’m standing inside the door of the gigantic new Cinemark Theater, not theatre, and I’m the only normal person in the room.

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