Author: James Sanford

Spiderman makes a comeback: Third times the charm for Spidey

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is back again for a third time with all the witty humor one would expect from the tight-wearing vigilante. However, as seen in Captain America: Civil-War, this Spider-Man was already shooting web and climbing on walls before having his own movie. Marvel’ s Spider-Man hit some low points during the super-hero franchise. The first installment starring Toby McGuire hit an all-time low; it showed how a Venom suit can turn you into a snapping finger emotional wreck, completing the film’ s nauseating plot. The second installment starring Andrew Garfield did a better job. Unfortunately, it...

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Dead Men Tell No Tales

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, the fifth and supposedly final installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise hit theaters May 26th starting off the summer. For anyone who saw the movie and stayed after the credits knows there are lingering doubts that Disney has ended the series. It is possible that we could see some spin-off stories that Jack Sparrow may not be in, although it is hard to imagine a Pirates movie without Jack. After the film earned an impressive $600 million worldwide box office on its opening weekend, the film has received some negative reviews. Many critics felt that the story did not live up to what we have all known Pirates of the Caribbean to be. Many wrote about that the Jack in this film was not the Jack that we have all grown to love and expect in a movie. Although the film has received some negative light, it is not to say that it is not worth seeing. Any Pirates of the Caribbean fan will still find it enjoyable as the movie is filled with witty humor from Jack, sea captains who are searching for him with a dark vengeance and a story that one would expect from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp, is at a point in his life where he...

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Best series to read this summer

t’ s that time of the year where you may be free for the summer or may be taking a few classes to speed up graduating. Either way, your schedule could be freer than it was during the last semester. And what does that mean? More time to read some good books! You may be thinking, “Hey! I’ ve done my fair share of reading over the past two semesters. I deserve a break”, and you are justified to think so. However, according to a TIME Magazine article published back in 2015, summer reading can be a benefit to...

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Jazz ensemble plays new music using classic methods

The School of Arts presented its latest concert called Not Your Grandpa’s Big Band performed by the jazz ensemble April 13 in the Ragan Theater. Jazz concerts aren’t a new concept. Many attend them and can guess how the concert will go, what songs will be played and the overall music they will hear. When the word jazz comes to one’s mind, the sounds of trumpets with their built-up crescendos begins to play. Saxophones play their savvy riffs and boisterous solos while the cymbals softly tap along with the piano in the corner jamming out as if in its...

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Green Man Group entertains crowd with energetic performance

Green Man Group returned home after being away at the WAC basketball tournament for a short performance March 27. Drumline is an exciting event to watch because each percussionist plays in perfect synchronization with each other to fast paced rhythmic beats. There is one characteristic that makes this drumline so popular among the other universities: aviator shades and full-body, green-spandex suits. “That’s their big secret of why they are so popular,” says Kenton Nielson, Green Man Group director. “People like them because they don’t have a face. Audiences get to project what they want to see. If they want...

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