Author: James Sanford

Jazz ensemble plays new music using classic methods

The School of Arts presented its latest concert called Not Your Grandpa’s Big Band performed by the jazz ensemble April 13 in the Ragan Theater. Jazz concerts aren’t a new concept. Many attend them and can guess how the concert will go, what songs will be played and the overall music they will hear. When the word jazz comes to one’s mind, the sounds of trumpets with their built-up crescendos begins to play. Saxophones play their savvy riffs and boisterous solos while the cymbals softly tap along with the piano in the corner jamming out as if in its...

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Green Man Group entertains crowd with energetic performance

Green Man Group returned home after being away at the WAC basketball tournament for a short performance March 27. Drumline is an exciting event to watch because each percussionist plays in perfect synchronization with each other to fast paced rhythmic beats. There is one characteristic that makes this drumline so popular among the other universities: aviator shades and full-body, green-spandex suits. “That’s their big secret of why they are so popular,” says Kenton Nielson, Green Man Group director. “People like them because they don’t have a face. Audiences get to project what they want to see. If they want...

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John Allred back in the music biz

UVU Alumnus John Allred visited his hometown of Provo, Utah Feb. 4 for the tour of his new extended play album, Brave New World. “ I’ve grown up here, within these walls, musically, for the last 13 years,” said Allred, speaking about his performance at the Velour Music Gallery. I’ve had the pleasure of playing at a lot of places in Utah County, but no place has ever felt like home like this one.” His new seven-song EP, released Feb. 3, has hit number four on the singer/songwriter list on iTunes. “It put me just behind Ed Sheeran and...

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Students compete at Valley Voice

Students showed off their singing and performing talents at the second annual Valley Voice competition on Friday, Jan. 20. It’s easy to see why UVU is known for excellence in performing arts. The duet group “White Chocolate” won first place for their performance. Their incredible skill at harmonizing was an immediate audience favorite, and it was no surprise when they won. Karli Bird, Miss UVU 2016, said, “It’s so mesmerizing to watch you two perform. It’s so amazing to see the chemistry between two performers and everyone could feel that in your performance.” Freshman Spencer Anderson, who is currently...

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Moana: a warm movie for the holidays

Moana takes a creative turn from dresses, fancy balls and matrimony with Prince Charming, to an epic adventure where the princess even says about herself, “ I’m not a princess.” This movie brings together ancient Pacific Island folk tales with a modern touch of humor and music that is enjoyable for all audiences. Daughter of a Pacific Island chieftain, Moana sets out to protect her island from impending danger. Her father has set a rule that no one can go out beyond the reef. Moana discovers that the ocean has chosen her,that she is destined to go out into...

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