Author: Jake Thomas

Hairgrove plays hero as Owlz sweep Chukars

After a slow start the Orem Owlz pulled off another come-from-behind victory over the Idaho Falls Chukars last night at Brent Brown Park, winning 7-5. The Chukars tried to sneak one win out of the series with a couple of home runs. Fortunately for Orem, some good defense late and a big error from the Chukars led to another Owlz victory and a series sweep. Daniel Vargas-Vila gave a solid effort from the mound, going five innings and giving up seven hits and five earned runs. Relievers Juan ‘Junior’ Carlin and Daniel Reynolds didn’t let the Chukars get another hit. Carlin looked especially crisp in his near two innings of work. While the pitching was exceptional, it also benefited from help from the infielders. First baseman Frazier Hall completed two incredible snags on line drives and a huge stretch for a throw from the short stop in a close call that went the Owlz way. Cowart had a minor hiccup in the fifth inning when an attempted throw to first was off the mark. When asked about this, Cowart gave credit to his coaches for letting him know the position he should have been in and helping his mind get over it. “An error is an error,” Cowart said. “Just come back from it.” He did just that. As the Chukars were trying to break an eighth-inning tie, the...

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Lockout Lookout: Players losing, working more than you think

We’re at Day 105 of the NFL lockout, and although things are beginning to look fruitful, some worries are looming as to whether a deal will get done in time for the preseason. A few key areas of a new CBA, the Collective Bargaining Agreement between players and owners, need to be finalized and some details ironed out, but meetings seem to be progressing. The main points being negotiated right now are: total revenue cuts, rookie wages, retiree benefits, and free agent rights. Last year the NFL revenue totaled roughly $9 billion. Under the current agreement the players received about 50 percent of that, but the owners want to cut that pay to 48%. This issue and the amount of money paid to rookies are the two biggest priorities the owners would like to change. While those are important to current players, free agency and retirement benefits mean just as much. At first glance, two percent does not seem like it would make that big of a difference. In reality, that’s $180 million. If you look deeper into the effect this could have on NFL players, it makes sense why they are fighting this. This could potentially bring their livelihood a dramatic change. And it’s not only for the current players. this deal could last for ten years. Consider that the average career length for most running backs is...

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