Czech Ambassador speaks on human rights at UVU

UVU’s God and Human Rights Conference kicked off with a thought-provoking speech from Martin Palous, Czech Ambassador to the United Nations, last Wednesday in LI120. Sponsored by UVU’s peace and justice studies program, in collaboration with the religious studies and honors programs, the symposium featured a day-long barrage of speakers representing all sides of the […]

Spoon: best band of the 21st century in Salt Lake

With the release of their seventh full-length album, “Transference,” earlier this year, the Austin, Texas band Spoon cemented their status as the band of the decade. That’s seven great albums in a row over the last 15 years, hewing close to their signature sound while embracing growth and experimentation. And they’re not just consistent, they’re […]

Hard Times exhibit shows artistic side of recession

The best art can find meaning and beauty in even the most abject suffering. That is the motivation behind Springville Museum of Art’s new Hard Times exhibition, which held its opening reception on Wednesday, March 24 and will be running until April 25 at the museum. “I’ve seen people come into the gallery actually crying […]

Why zombies are our friends

It’s hard to believe now, but zombies used to be scary. Before finding mainstream acceptance in video games and horror-comedies, these now-lovable walking corpses once served as a potent allegory for a society that has lost its soul, devolving into hordes of brain-dead flesh munchers. In the original “Dead Trilogy” by George A. Romero — […]

Religious beliefs are not fixed, argues professor

UVU Associate Professor of philosophy Dennis Potter took on the so-called new atheists in a Philosophy Colloquium in LA 112 on March 10, arguing against their stated reasons for the persistence of religion. Reading from his paper, “What’s Wrong With the New Atheism?” which was prompted by a disagreement with a colleague, Potter criticized prominent […]

“Science for Breakfast” provides food for the body and mind

Most of us would rather hit the snooze button and sleep in at 7 a.m. on a Wednesday. But the turnout for at UVU College of Science and Health’s third “Science for Breakfast” at Centre Stage on March 3 was surprisingly robust, thanks to the free food and stimulating lecture provided by the Student Center […]

“Water”–the stuff that tears are made of

Movies about children in difficult situations destroy me. I’m still trying to forget I ever saw “Pan’s Labyrinth.” So when the little girl was getting her head shaved within the first five minutes of the 2005 Indian film “Water,” presented at the Library Auditorium by UVU’s Cinema Club, I prepared for a brutal viewing experience. […]

“Waltz With Bashir” offers a punch to the gut

“Waltz With Bashir” offers a punch to the gut

“Waltz With Bashir,” screened in LI 120 by UVU’s Cinema Club on Feb. 11, is a harrowing and powerful examination of the human costs of war, shared equally by its victims and survivors. The animated Israeli documentary, which focuses on the memories of men who served in the Lebanon War against the Palestinians, was presented […]