UVSC Celebrates Career and Technical Education Month

Across the United States, schools join together to celebrate the National Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month. The month of February is used yearly to promote and inform students about the benefits of CTE programs. UVSC is no exception.

Wolverine Wednesday works its magic, or attempts to

As Utah Valley State College affiliates, you may have noticed extra commotion every Wednesday near the food court. The credit for this added activity is given to the Student Activities Department and one of UVSC’s best-kept secrets: Wolverine Wednesday.

“Hope for Peru” finally finished

The efforts of Utah Valley State College students have finally paid off. Facebook pages, dances, hallway tables, popcorn, posters, fliers, and petitions to local businesses were just a few of the ways that students raised money to send help to earthquake victims in Peru.

Great American Smokeout

Not only lung cancer, but cancer of the oral cavity, pharynx, larynx, esophagus, bladder, stomach, cervix, kidney and pancreas, and acute myeloid leukemia are all linked to smoking cigarettes.

California fires affect students

The fires in California may have calmed, but the affects of the flames still rage high, reaching not only the people immediately involved, but also friends and family members across the nation.  UVSC student Adam Kenney Webb’s family was one of the 350,000 houses evacuated and nearly one million people displaced in southern California due […]

Economy down, enrollment down

With the economy at a low and the need for education at a high, it is shocking that UVSC’s women enrollment has dropped. The trend in the United States tends to be that when the economy dips down, the need for more education and better preparation increases, meaning that college enrollment numbers also increase. When […]